Vermicular PNK22R Oven Pot Round 22cm (Pearl Pink)


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  • Every piece is handcrafted in Japan, its 0.01mm expectional sealing performance delivers musui cooking perfectly.
  • Can be heated by gas stove, induction stove, ceramic stove and oven
  • Enamel releases infrared to deliver heat evenly
  • Attain nutrients effectively to facilitate greater intake for humans
  • Japan designed technology - double handle
  • No additional cadium, lead and manganese to protect environment and ensure food saftey
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    Heat conduction
    Bulging patterns at the pot bottom can spread heat evenly after heating.

    Radiant Heat

    3 layers of enamels building up produces great levels of infrared that cook food thoroughly without breaking the food structure

    Steam Convection

    Utilize steam to lock moisture from food ingredients.
    Heat the outer surface of food as the beginning for cooking.

    Patent Technology
    • 3mm width for effective heat induction - evenly heated
    • Bulging patterns - prevents food from directly heated by a flat bottom pot and be overcooked
    • Dots on pot cover - collects moisture from steam and drops them back to food
    • 0.01mm expectional sealing performance delivers musui cooking perfectly
    Convenient and smart design
    Lay the cover over the handles while not in use. Never place the cover on table again.

    Reduces the pot weight by using double handles with shaped curves for easier lift - signature of Vermicular

    Vermicular is proved to be the least in losing the original nutrients of food, even compared with stainless steel



  • For 4 people
  • Inner diameter: 22cm
  • Total length (including handles): 30cm
  • Depth: 10cm
  • Height (including cover): 15cm
  • Capacity: 3.5L
  • Warranty

    This product has no warranty.

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