G Health Smart Body Fat Check Analyzer

Simply place two fingers on it and connect to the G Health mobile application, measuring your body fat, BMI index, etc. It also monitors your calorie consumptions to help you reaching your ideal weight. (SRP $1,280)

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KB Air Mask Portable Purifier

The certified technology KB Air Mask hass no burden to wear and powerful. It produces 2 million negative ions per cm3 to filter out the surrounding pollutants, carcinogenic aerosol PM2.5 and formaldehyde by 99.9%! Suitable for asthma patients, people who take public transportation. (SRP $ 1,180)

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Vermicular Musui Oven Pot

Handmade by Japanese craftsmen, the pots are built perfectly to lock the original nutrients of food while getting the most flavor out of the ingredients. Treat yourself with Vermicular cuisine, even more tasty and delightful! (SRP: 2,480)

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