Airgle AG25 Personal and Car Air Purifier

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  • H14 grade cHEPA ultra fine filtration technology
  • Filter 99.999% ultra-fine pollutants down to 0.003 microns in size
  • PhotoCatalytic Oxidation TiO2 Technology (Titanium Pro)
  • Auto Temperature Control Setting
  • Auto Cleaning Technology
  • Filter life indicator
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Airgle AG25 Personal and Car Air Purifier
The Airgle Personal air purifier (AG25) is conveniently built for dual operation in both car and office environments, making it a great pick for you. It is equipped with cHEPA, activated carbon and PCO filtration technologies that remove airborne pollutants, such as dust particles, odors, second-hand smoke, bacteria, viruses, allergens and VOCs.

Combating flu and bacteria
The Airgle AG25 is a compact air purifier but equips with professional-grade cHEPA filtration technology, effectively removes 99.999% of harmful particles down to 0.003 micron, including a variety of bacteria, viruses, and microorganisms. Patented photocatalyst UV component uses PCO photocatalysis to remove 99.95% of bacteria and harmful gases. The Airgle AG25 operates with both filtration and photocatalysis technology to protect you from indoor flu virus transmission.

Small but Powerful
Built for strength, designed for elegance. Airgle uses three filtration technologies to remove airborne pollutants, with an efficiency of 99.999% for 0.003 micron particles. This aesthetically pleasing unit fits seamlessly into your environment.

Escort you all through your driving journey
The Airgle AG25 effectively removes a wide range of air pollutants inside the car, such as exhaust gases, suspended particulate PM10 and PM2.5; bacteria, dust, dust mites, and other allergens unleashed from the cabin air filter; toxic chemicals formaldehyde, toluene, xylene released from leathers, rubbers, and textile fibers.

Filter Configuration
The air enters simultaneously through the left and right air ducts for rapid air purification. Once the air passes through a pre-filter, an activated carbon filter and US patented PCO technology, the cHEPA filter purifies and expels clean, refreshing air.

Filtration Technology
The Airgle AG25 is the perfect on-the-go solution for your small personal space. Filter all small particles, VOCs, odors, bacteria, allergens and viruses in your car or small office.

Titanium Pro UV Modulel
Titanium Pro UV’s surface is coated with a titanium dioxide carrier, which removes bacteria from the air and instantly converts it to harmless substances when irradiated with UV light. This module is patented in the United States.

Lightweight, compact, and universal
Airgle AG25 is a dual voltage device can accept 100~240V AC that works anywhere in the world. Also, Airgle AG25 is a portable device that let you enjoy clean and fresh air travel from one place to another.

Car Accessories
Each AG25 is included with

  • 12V cigarette lighter plug: device only operates when the car is running.
  • Seat strap: the compact size allows the device to hang on the back of the seat without take up much of the space.
  • Auto Temperature Control Setting
    If placed inside a car, it will automatically monitor the temperature. When the temperature inside the car exceeds 45°C, the machine will automatically activate the self protection function and enter standby mode.

    Auto Cleaning Technology
    The AG25 can automatically active operation even when a car engine is off, providing refreshing air when you get into the car the next morning !

    Low Voltage Protection
    Low voltage protection for car batteries; AG25 will be automatically shut off when battery voltage is lower than 12V.

    One-touch Air Supply Technology
    Softly touch the "Power" button on the screen to conveniently start the two stage filtration process.



    • Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR):  15m3/hr
    • Filter life: 1200hr
    • Speed: low and high
    • Noise: 42 - 55dB
    • Car cigarette lighter: DC 12V
    • Power requirement: DC 13.5V, 2.6A
    • Power: 8W
    • Net weight​: 1.5kg
    • Dimension (mm) : 70(H) x 241(W) x 241(D)


    HK Distributor provided 1-year warranty services.

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