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  • HK$1,580

  • YA-MAN Cavispa 360 Body Slim Device

    • Cavitation to soften stubborn fat / cellulite
    • EMS for drainage and for firming muscles.
    • Unique stick design with curved surface to enable effective pressure drainage massage and approach your body from all direction.
    • Low – high frequency EMS to reach deeper muscles.
    • Body mode (exercise mode / cell-care mode) and Face mode
    • Made in Japan
    Learn More
  • YA-MAN RF Beauté Tornado RF Roller (HRF-15P-HK)

    Aesthetic massage with RF and EMS functions. Learn More

  • YA-MAN WAVY Mini- EMS Roller (EP-16W-HK)

    Unlike other general rollers, the YAMAN WAVY roller uses the patented eccentric shaft technology to mimic the cycle of “hand-pinch” massage. Learn More

  • YA-MAN WAVY - EMS Roller (EP-15W-HK)

    YA-MAN WAVY is a portable beauty instrument that keeps you in perfect condition anytime, anywhere. EMS Myoelectric Stimulation & Patent Cyclone Roller, the use of two technologies, to quickly improve edema, face-lift, clear contours, professional shaping of the body and facial curve. Learn More

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  • YA-MAN H/C Beaute Pure Hydrogen Water Bottle (STA-194N-HK)

    YA-MAN H/C Beaute Pure Hydrogen Water Bottle : Enjoy fresh hydrogen water anytime you wish. Antioxidant effect of hydrogen water supports anti-ageing. Learn More
  • 7 Item(s)

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