YA-MAN Photo PLUS Shiny Neo - M18N

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  • YA-MAN Photo PLUS Shiny Neo M18N -  Can be easily used daily and is also professional. 
  • YA-MAN Photo PLUS Shiny Neo M18N - Upgraded DYHP mode. Focused on targeting your skin concerns.

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  • Daily mode — With just a simple 3-minute procedure, you can easily perform daily care - "High penetration*1 × Lifting*2"
  • The individual mode, combined with RF (radio frequency), ion emission, EMS, and red LED, delivers professional-level care effects comparable to those of a beauty salon!
  • 4 modes, a total of 13 minutes. Even on weekends, you can enjoy luxurious care. 
  • Just 13 minutes on the weekend is all you need for a full deep care treatment, including cleansing and eye care. 

*1: Penetrates into the stratum corneum. *2: Massages and lifts the skin.

Main features
Skin concerns
1-3 MHz
Low to High (Output enhanced by 20% compare to other YA-MAN M18)
Red (Increased by 3 times compare to other YA-MAN M18), Blue LED
Dynamic hyper pulse
Eye care
Treatment time
Daily: 3 mins/ Weekly: 13 mins
Time reminder
Moisture retention
Firmness and lifting
Eye care
Hong Kong distributor provide 1 year warranty

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