Terms and Conditions of J SELECT Hong Kong Promotion (the "Promotion"):

  1. Unless otherwise specified, the promotion period is valid from 16 December 2021 to 15 February 2022(both dates inclusive) (the "Promotion Period"). The promotion period is extended until 30 April 2022.
  2. Unless otherwise specified, to be eligible for the Promotion, cardholders (“Cardholders”) are required to settle payment with credit cards issued by Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited (the "Bank"), including Standard Chartered credit card, and its co-branded card, MANHATTAN credit card and its co-branded card ("Eligible Cards").
  3. Unless otherwise specified, Cardholders settling payment with Standard Chartered UnionPay Dual Currency Platinum Credit Card (if applicable) is also eligible for the Promotion provided that the merchants’ relevant shops accept them for payment.
  4. To enjoy the below offers, Cardholders shall purchase designated items or meet the requirements and patronage at J SELECT Hong Kong or J SELECT Online store (the "Merchant") with an Eligible Card during the Promotion Period.

      Offer details
    Offer 1 Up to 60% off on selected items

    Offer 2

    8% off on regular priced items
    Offer 3 HKD 150 CashBack for single net transaction amount exceed HKD3,000
    Offer 4 Up to 18-month interest-free instalment on designated items upon spending of designated amount at Merchant outlets located in Hong Kong (“Instalment Offer”).

  5. Unless otherwise specified, the Promotion, irrespective of its form including but not limited to Gifts or discounts, is not redeemable for cash, exchangeable or transferable, and cannot be used in conjunction with other discount or offer and not applicable to the purchase of accessory items, display items and after-sales services provided by the Merchant including but not limited to repair service and warranty.
  6. Unless otherwise specified, the Promotion is applicable to regular-priced items only and not applicable to fixed-priced, discounted, promotional, festive and designated items.
  7. The Promotion Offer 3 is offered to the first 2,000 successfully registered Cardholders on a first-come-first-served basis, when the quota is full. Any change of the Promotion will be subject to the availability at the time of patronage.
  8. If the discounted items are sold out, the Merchant reserves the right to change the items at any time without prior notice.
  9. The Promotion may be subject to additional terms and conditions as set out by the Merchant, please contact the Merchant for details.
  10. All photos and items information are for reference only.
  11. The Promotion shall be terminated immediately upon closure of Merchant or any of its outlets.
  12. Cardholders understand and accept that the Bank is not the supplier of the items and/or services supplied by the Merchant under or in connection with the offer(s). The Bank shall bear no liability relating to any aspect of the items and/or services, including without limitation, their quality, the supply, the descriptions of items and/or services provided by the Merchant, any false trade description, misrepresentation, mis-statement, omission, unauthorized representation, unfair trade practices or conduct in connection with the promotion of the offer(s) or in making available the offer(s) or the items and/or services under the Promotion, by the Merchant, its employees, officers or agents.
  13. Personal data of Cardholders may be collected by the Merchant and the use of such personal data shall be subject to the personal information collection statement of the Merchant. Please contact the Merchant for related details.
  14. The Bank and the Merchant reserve the right to alter, extend, or terminate the Promotion and amend these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. In case of disputes, the decision of the Bank and the Merchant shall be final and binding.
  15. In case of any disputes, Cardholders are required to present the relevant original sales receipts and credit card sales slips for further investigation by the Bank.
  16. If there is any inconsistency or conflict between the English and Chinese versions of these terms and conditions, the English version shall prevail.

Additional Terms and Conditions of Instalment Offer:

  1. To be eligible for the Instalment Offer, Cardholders are required to spend a designated amount on one single transaction at the Merchant outlets in Hong Kong. The Instalment Offer is applicable to the Eligible Cards issued by the Bank only, and is not applicable to Standard Chartered UnionPay Dual Currency Platinum Credit Card.
  2. By participating in any of the Instalment Offer, Cardholders are deemed to have accepted and bound by the Terms and Conditions of "Credit Card Instalment Program Cardholder Agreement / Credit Card Instalment Plan” posted on the Bank’s website https://av.sc.com/hk/content/docs/hk-tnc-credit-card-instalment-plan-en.pdf.
  3. The Instalment Offer may be applicable only to selected items and the instalments term may vary, depending on the items and Merchant. For further details of the Instalment Offer, please contact the Merchant.

Additional Terms and Condition of Offer 1 & 2:

  1. Offers apply at J SELECT retail stores and J SELECT Online store (www.jselect.com).
  2. Offer 1 cannot be used in conjunction with Offer 2.
  3. Offer 2 cannot be applied to pre-order items, items in Outlet store, discount products or designated brands including Apple, ASUS, Amazfit Airrun, DJI, GoPro, Insta360, Lenovo, Nintendo, RAZER, Samsung, Seagate, Western Digital, Xiaomi
  4. Offers cannot be used in conjunction with Jebsen's staff and corporate staff discount.
     Offers cannot be used in conjunction with other coupon codes, free gift offers, or other marketing promotions.
  5. Once the offer is used, it cannot be reversed under any circumstances.
  6. Other terms and conditions apply. Please visit www.jselect.com for details.

Additional Terms and Condition of Offer 3:

  1. Offer 3 can be used in conjunction with Offers 1 and 2.
  2. Cardholders are required to register their respective Eligible Card for the Promotion during the Promotion Period at www.sc.com/hk/jselect. Each eligible customer can at most receive HK$150 CashBack.
  3. Only the first 2,000 successfully registered Cardholders are eligible for the Promotion. Registration will be closed when the quota is full. Each Cardholder can only register ONE Eligible Card during the Promotion Period, and only that ONE registered Eligible Card will be used to calculate the Eligible Transactions and the relevant CashBack. Each Cardholder is only entitled to enjoy CashBack once during the Promotion Period, based on principal credit card account and cardholder’s Hong Kong Identity Card number/passport (if applicable),regardless of how many times the offer requirements are met and how many Eligible Cards each Cardholder is holding. If the quota is full, it will be stated in the related promotional webpage of the Bank, please visit the webpage before patronage.
  4. Cardholders will receive a reference number upon successful registration. Cardholders are required to keep the reference number for verification by the Bank. All registered information will be recorded. More than one registration of the same Cardholder will be treated as a unified record only and the last record will prevail. Successful registration cannot be cancelled.
  5. The Offers are NOT applicable to any e-wallet transactions include but not limited to Alipay, PayMe and WeChat Pay.
  6. All Eligible Transactions must be posted on or before 22 February 2022 based on the transaction date as shown on the credit card monthly statement of the Eligible Card. Eligible Transactions will be rounded up to the nearest Hong Kong dollar (decimal places will not be included).
  7. Unless otherwise specified, the CashBack earned will be shown on the "360° Rewards" online redemption platform in May 2022, and will not be automatically credited to Cardholders' accounts, but can be freely redeemed for cash on the online platform. The minimum threshold for CashBack redemption is HKD50 per account and in multiples of HKD50. Redemption of CashBack is subject to relevant terms and conditions. Please visit sc.com/hk/rewards for details and redeem your CashBack.
  8. The Cash Rebate will be credited to the credit card accounts on or before in May 2022 for the Cardholders who have made the Eligible Transaction by Q Credit Card as the Eligible Card.
  9. Cardholders shall notify the Bank if they do not receive the CashBack / Cash Rebate by 30 June 2022. Otherwise, the Bank accepts no liability and will not be liable for any compensation.
  10. For the purpose of this Promotion, Eligible Transactions made by the Principal and Supplementary Cardholder(s) of the same Eligible Card for the Promotion will be counted collectively.
  11. The Eligible Card accounts must be valid and in good financial standing at the time when the CashBack/ Cash Rebate is credited; otherwise the CashBack/ Cash Rebate will be forfeited without further notice. The CashBack/ Cash Rebate amount cannot be drawn as cash advance, is non-exchangeable, non-transferable and cannot be used to offset credit card payment.
  12. The Bank will verify the transaction record(s) to confirm the Cardholders' eligibility under the Promotion. In case of discrepancy between the Bank's computer record and details recorded on the credit card sales slips or electronic receipts, the Bank's computer record(s) shall prevail.
  13. If the Cardholders have cancelled any related transaction which had been included in calculating the CashBack/ Cash Rebate offered under the Promotion after the receipt of such CashBack/ Cash Rebate or the Eligible Transactions are otherwise refunded, the Bank has the right to debit the CashBack/ Cash Rebate from the Cardholders' Eligible Card accounts without further notice.

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