Stadler Form Roger Air Purifier (White)


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Roger allows allergy sufferers to finally breathe deeply again. This efficient air purifier removes animal hair, excrement of dust mites, and filters pollen out of the air. With its Dual Filter™, Roger is the ideal companion for families with small kids. Roger is always on the spot when fresh and healthy air is needed.


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Bad smells, volatile organic compounds, fine dust, pollen, viruses and bacteria can worsen our air quality. Our air purifier Roger little shows the air quality at home or in the office. He continuously measures the quality of the room air and immediately detects contamination. The air quality indicator lets you know if air quality deteriorates by changing its color. The specially-developed Dual Filter™ combines a HEPA and activated carbon filter. The HEPA filter is very efficient at purifying the air of pollutants and the activated carbon filter skillfully eliminates bad smells. Roger little takes care of his role as a household air improver even more independently with his auto mode which adjusts the cleaning performance to what is currently needed. Roger little is ideal for smaller rooms up to 35 m2 and sensitively provides clean and healthy air at home and in the office and lets allergy sufferers take a deep breath.


Polluted Indoor Air
The air indoors is 2–5 times more polluted than the air outside*. We spend approx. 90% of our time indoors and are constantly exposed to this pollution. Typical impurities are volatile organic compounds (e.g. formaldehyde), fine and suspended dust, unpleasant odors as well as viruses and bacteria. Allergy sufferers are also troubled by pollen and the excrement of dust mites. Optimally purified air leads to a great sense of wellbeing, improved vitality, and fewer illnesses. Roger and Roger little provide the perfect help to free the air of pollutants.


Air Quality Indicator
Roger/Roger little shows the quality of the room air. He continuously measures the quality of the air with his sensors. The air quality indicator lets you know if air quality deteriorates by changing its color (blue = good, orange = medium, red = poor).


The prefilter removes coarse dust particles and dirt from the air. This protects the following filter from heavy contamination and thus optimizes its functionality.


Dual Filter™ Technology
At the heart of Roger/Roger little, Stadler Form counts on its Dual Filter™, developed in cooperation with the German filter specialist Freudenberg. The filter material made in Germany guarantees the best cleaning results. The Dual Filter™ is a combination of a HEPA filter and an Activated Carbon filter. The HEPA filter removes pollutants out of the air, such as fine dust, pollen, viruses and bacteria. The Activated Carbon filter adsorbs gases present in the air (bad odors, tobacco smoke, formaldehyde, toluene, volatile organic compounds, etc.) and filters them out of the air.


Filter Exchange
The capacity of the Dual Filter™ is limited, which means that it must be replaced every 8–12 months, depending on its exposure to air and gases. Thanks to the intelligent filter timer, Roger/Roger little shows exactly when the filter needs to be replaced.


Stadler Form Roger Air Purifier
- Removes harmful pollutants, gases and odors
- Integrated air quality indicator
- Intelligent Auto Mode automatically adjusts cleaning performance
- Dual Filter™ technology
- Intelligent filter timer




- HEPA- and Activated carbon

Output (Up to):

- 521 CADR

Room Size (Up To):

- 74 m²

Output Levels:



- Air quality indicator

- Auto mode

-1–7 hour timer

- Filter change reminder

- For allergy sufferers

- Filter material made in Germany

Power Consumption:

- 6 – 100 W

Dimensions (W/H/D):

- 420 x 500 x 200 mm


- 7.9 kg

Sound Level:

- 30 - 65 dB (A)


1 Year Warranty

Warranty Registration
J SELECT is a brand under Jebsen Group. For warranty registration, please visit

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