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SHARP Ion Generator


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  • Plasmacluster Technology

  • Can inactivate 99.9% airborne viruses, bacteria and allergens
  • Can suppress the growth of mold and remove odor
  • Certified from the British Allergy Foundation
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Hong Kong Sales No.1 *

SHARP air purifiers have achieved Sales No.1* in Hong Kong, which are very popular among users. *Hong Kong Data Source: According to the sales statistics report of major household appliance chain stores in Hong Kong - No.1 sales brand on unit basis for the consectuive 7 years from 2009-2016

Plasmacluster Technology
Plasmacluster technology is SHARP's original air purifying technology. Plasmacluster Ion Generating Unit produces high density of Plasmacluster ion, can inactivate 99.9% airborne viruses, bacteria and allergens. It can also suppress the growth of mold and remove odor.
Deodorizes Adhering Odor with High Speed

Release Plasmacluster with triple density, making it more effective in removing adhering odor. When you smell odors inside the car or the room (such as remaining odor from food, cigarette odor and pet odor), you can operate the Ion Generator. Within short period, the odor will be reduced to unnoticeable level. This can keep a fresh environment inside the room or the car.
Plasmacluster 25000

Powerful air purification capabilities are ensured with the use of high density Plasmacluster ion generator emitting 25,000 ions/cm³, making it more effective in removing adhering odor and inactivate airborne viruses, bacteria and allergens.
Allergy UK Seal of Approval

Plasmacluster Air Purifiers are certified from the British Allergy Foundation, which remove allergens from the environment of the allergy.
  • High-density Plasmacluster Ion 25000

By using high voltage, Plasmacluster Ion Generating Unit produces high density of Plasmacluster ion. High-density Plasmacluster ions can inactivate 99.9% airborne viruses, bacteria and allergens. It can also suppress the growth of mold and remove odor.

  • PM2.5, Odor & Dust Sensor

- PM2.5 sensor can detect pollutants as small as 2.5um
- Odor sensor can detect the odor from cigarette, candles, spray, etc.
- Dust sensor can detect dust, dust mites, pollen, etc.

  • Clean-sign Light

When contaminants are detected by odor sensor and dust sensor, the light color will change to indicate the room air condition

  • Pre-Filter

Pre filter collects big particle like hairs and dust

  • 2-in-1 HEPA Deodorizing Filter

- Collect tiny dust, cigarette particles and pollen as small as 0.3 micron particles*2 
- Remove various kinds of odors, such as cigarette smoke*2 garbage odor and pet odor 
- 99.97% dust collection rate*1 

*1 Dust collection efficiency of the filter for 0.3 micron particles.

*2 Toxic substances found in smoke, such as carbon monoxide, cannot be removed




  • Purification Method: High Density Plasmacluster
  • Plasmaclusteer Density (ions/cm³): 25,000


Humidifying Air Purifier

  • Applicable Area: 10m² / 107ft²
  • Air Flow Mode: Low / Medium / High

Operation Mode

  • Filter
    • Pre Filter
    • 2-in-1 HEPA Deodorizing Filter (2 years)
  • Mosquito Catching Method -
  • Sensor PM2.5 / Odor / Dust
  • On/Off-Timer Settings -
  • Child Lock -
  • Air Flow Volum (m3/hr)
    • 30 (Low)
    • 60 (Medium)
    • 90 (High)
  • Power Consumption (W)
    • 3.4 (Low)
    • 6.1 (Middle)
    • 13 (High)
  • Noise Level (dBA)
    • 18 (Low)
    • 35 (Middle)
    • 43 (High)
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) (mm) 430 x 444 x 152
  • Others Clean-sign Light
  • Weight (kg) 4.9
  • Color White (-W)
  • Accessories
    • 2-in-1 HEPA Deodorizing Filter (FZ-PF10XS-HK)
    • Ion Generator Unit (IZ-PF10XP-HK)


HK Distributor provided 2-year warranty services.

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