Qlocktwo 時鐘 (Classic Creator’s Edition)

特價 $20,900.00

你可賺取 20,900 jrewards + 1,045 亞洲萬里通

顏色: 綠色

  • 世界中廣為人知的概念
  • Creator’s 版本
  • 獨特的樣子
  • 鏽鐵


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Each of the front covers of QLOCKTWO CREATOR’S EDITION RUST is made of raw steel which is rusted by hand in a complex procedure. The surface is fixed indelibly.

Because of the elaborate handcrafting every front cover is unique. It is designed using laser engraving. The lively and unique surface is a special eye-catcher.

Dimension: 45 X 45 X 2.2 cm