Porsche Driver's Selection Racing 背包

特價 $450.00

你可賺取 450 jrewards + 22 亞洲萬里通

顏色: 黑色

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What is our goal? It is perhaps the only thing that we haven’t called into question over the last 60 years: to create the sports car of the future. This is the mission that drives us. And our course is clear. At Porsche, all roads lead to the racetrack. It’s where we put our vision to the test. It’s where we weigh up the pros and cons of every last nut and bolt and hone our ideas until they are capable of more than just winning. Because they must also be able to make the leap from the podium to the road. That’s why the heart of a racing car beats inside every Porsche. - Fold-away backpack with a Racing look - With reflective elements, drawstring and zip - The backpack can be stowed away in its inverted front pocket - 100% polyester - In grey/black/red
Dimensions : 44 x 28 x 10,5 cm


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