IM Healthcare plasma cleaning 可攜式等離子空氣清淨機

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顏色: 白色

  • 透過等離子消除衣櫃內的細菌,去除各種臭味
  • 殺菌
  • 除臭

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Plasma Cleaning is new concept manager for closet with plasma care technology.
It can removes viruses in places such as closet & bathroom, performs deodorization and strong anti-bacterial functions under almost little ozone emission.

Luxurious design
It fits on any furniture with luxurious & sensual design. More luxurious design with employing leather strap.

Versatile use
Plasma cleaning is a battery-powered product. No need of power cable. It can be used not only in a closet but also in bathroom and shoe closet easily.

Maintenance fee zero
No extra cost is needed after purchase. You don’t need replace filter

Safe air purifier
Very little ozone emission 0.002ppm. (FDA standard 0.05ppm) Inhalation toxicity test pass.(Nonclinical research institute Chemon Inc.)

Removal harmful substance in the air without chemical
Our air purification method does not use any chemicals at all. So, you don’t worry about hazardous chemicals.

Generation of free radicals
High Voltage applied to positive and negative electrodes. The electrodes make corona discharge. H2O make H+ and O2 - ion by the reaction

Strong deodorization with oxidation reaction.
1. Spreading Ions & Free radicals In the air.
2. Chemical reaction with odor molecule
3. Plasma ions oxidize embedded odor molecules & allergens in fiber with IM Healthcare plasma care technology.

Input method: USB (Micro B type)
Input voltage: 5 ± 10% [VDC]
Current: 170 ± 10% [mA]
Power consumption: <1.0 ± 10% [W]
Ion genration: (+) Ion > 1 million/cc, (-) Ion > 1 million/cc
Battery capacity: 5,000 mA
Operating time: Standard mode – 2 weeks, Fast mode – 1 weeks,
Continuous mode – when USB cable connected
LED: Blue (flickering) – Standard mode, Pink (flickering)– Fast mode
Blue (continuous) – Continuous mode, Yellow – less 10% battery left,
Red – Charging, Green – charged
Operating modes: 3 steps of modes controlled by switch
(1st push – on & standard mode, 2nd – fast mode, 3rd – off)
Size: 110 X 110 X 38 [mm]
Weight: 310 g (Net) / 400 g (Gross)
Accessories: User manual (B&W), Charging USB cable (1.5M), Cleaning brush



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