Beurer 德國博依 FT65 6合1 多功能紅外線耳額溫槍

特價 $438.00

你可賺取 438 jrewards + 43 亞洲萬里通

顏色: 白色

  • 6合1功能:耳朵,額頭和表面溫度,溫度警報,日期和時間,10個存儲空間
  • 最高37.9°C =綠色,從38.0°C =紅色
  • 以秒為單位的測量
  • 紅外線測量
  • LED溫度警報從38°C起
  • 以°C和°F為單位顯示測量值
  • 無水銀,無玻璃
  • 可以消毒
  • 10個存儲空間,帶有日期和時間
  • 自動關閉
  • 醫療設備
  • 大顯示屏

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A real all-rounder! In addition to ear and forehead measurement, the thermometer can also determine surface temperatures. The temperature alarm and the date and time display are perfect additions for simple and convenient measurement.

  • 6-in-1 function: ear, forehead and surface temperature, temperature alarm, date and time, 10 memory spaces
  • Up to 37.9°C = green, from 38.0°C = red
  • Measurement in seconds
  • Infrared measurement
  • LED temperature alarm from 38°C
  • Displays measurements in °C and °F
  • No mercury, without glass
  • Can be disinfected
  • 10 memory spaces, with date and time
  • Automatic switch-off
  • Medical device
  • Large display

5 Years Warranty