B&O Beoplay E8 無線入耳式耳機

特價 $2,698.00

你可賺取 2,698 jrewards + 134 亞洲萬里通

Title: 藍色

  • Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound 標誌性音效
  • 觸碰介面讓您輕鬆操控音樂、來電和語音指令
  • 高品質聲音
  • 方便外出的真皮充電盒
  • 一次充電可以連續播放 4 小時,充電盒可供額外 8 小時*的播放時間
  • 透明模式可調整到周遭環境的原音狀況

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Cord free and truly wireless, E8 makes no compromise on sound quality. Tuned by acclaimed Bang & Olufsen sound engineers for an authentic and powerful experience, E8 is effortlessly high-tech. Packed with technology including a Digital Signal Processor which allows for tuning with equalization and gain, E8 delivers sound which is as natural as possible. And for perfect bass delivery, a choice of five ear tips ensures a precise fit in the ear canal for an optimal listening experience.
Simple but gem-like, E8 is crafted for the long term. The materials used to achieve the build quality are honest, simple and true: leather, aluminium, stainless steel and braided textile cord, all carefully selected for comfort, fit and style. With E8, quality of craftsmanship is second to none. All materials are authentic and long lasting – on the housing of Beoplay E8, an anodized metal ring encircles the laser etched logo. The ring gives a subtle design detail tied to Bang & Olufsen’s heritage. The housing of the earphone is made out of textured and highly durable rubber and polymer, designed to resist sweat and water, and wear and tear.
E8’s genuine leather charging case has been designed so you can easily take them with you and charge them on the go. The earphones fit perfectly into the case with a secure, magnetic click. E8 will give you up to 4 hours of playtime on one charge with an additional 8 hours from the charging case – plenty to keep the music going all day. *The charging case gives you two additional charges of 4 hours each.
Let the world in with one quick gesture. Transparency Mode can be customized by choosing between three levels of transparency in the Beoplay App. You can easily activate your default mode with a quick tap of your earphones. So you can choose to focus in on your music or let a bit of the real world around you in when you’re out in the city.

- 驅動單體 : 電動,5.7 mm
- 阻抗 : 16 Ohm
- 頻率範圍 : 20 – 20,000 Hz
- 靈敏度 : 110 dB SPL +/-3 dB ,參考值: 1 kHz
- 麥克風 : 全導向式
- 電池 : 充電式鋰電池

- 入耳式耳機:
右邊(主) - 85 mAh
左邊(副) - 60 mAh
以適中音量播放時可達 4 小時,以藍 牙(每 1KHz 為 1mW )進行串流時 可達 3.5 小時

充電盒:2 個入耳式耳機充電器 - 560 mAh 充電時間:約 2 小時
- 遙控功能 : 每一個耳機都有 1 個觸碰介面的多功能 按鍵
- 藍牙 4.2
- AAC codecs