Streamline your CNY clean

Chinese New Year is just around the corner, which means it’s time for a fresh start and the annual CNY deep clean. But giving your home a proper, thorough clean is no walk in the park. Dust and grime hides in every little nook and cranny, and clothes and beds often need to be cleaned and freshened up. We’ve written a helpful guide to CNY cleaning so you can enter the new year with a revitalised and spotless home.

The importance of prioritisation

Before you pick up a sponge, it’s important to prioritise your cleaning needs. The basic rule of cleaning is to start from top to bottom and work from inside to outside. For example, you should clean ceiling dust which will fall to the ground, rather than starting with the floor. The inside to outside rule is suitable for areas like the kitchen, where, for example, you should clean the range hood by starting with the fans or the filters. Once done then you proceed to the tableware inside the kitchen cabinet and end with cooker and cooking table. It helps prevent oil stains spilling on surfaces you have already tidied and disinfected.

Go Natural

Many stains and smells mount up over a calendar year, but instead of using a huge quantity of chemical cleaning products which can damage your skin and leave a harsh, artificial smell, why not consider reaching for natural cleaning products? For example, when cleaning out your fridge, a simple mixture of lemon juice and water can be very effective and avoids the prospect of chemicals contaminating your food.

Upgrade your cleaning kit

Traditional vacuum cleaners, sweeper, and cleaning cloths have their place but they might not be capable of cleaning those hard-to-reach corners of your home. A little upgrade of your cleaning kit before CNY could help you enter the new year with a cleaner house than ever before. The Dyson Cyclone V10 series is a powerful machine that includes multiple tools and power levels that are capable of cleaning different kinds of dust and allergen that are hiding in your carpet or sofa fabric.

Windows can often be one of the most tedious cleaning tasks, but the ECOVACS WINBOT WA30 Window Cleaner is your new best friend. It is capable of cleaning everything from the large glass pane in a living room to deepest corner of a small window. Sounds better than a cleaning cloth, right?

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