Joy is in the house

After the consecutive days of celebration, it's time to enjoy the relaxation and peace at home. Imagine that you are lounging at home with a cup of Italian coffee, your favorite playlist and some aromatherapy sound. With a few home gadgets you can treat yourself to a relaxing resort experience from the comfort of your couch.

Be your own Barista

Nothing beats a fresh brewed coffee in the morning, but when the sun is too hot, the trip to your local coffee shop can seem like a big effort. Luckily, with the JURA automatic coffee machine IMPRESSA A9, you can enjoy barista-quality coffee without opening your front door. Simply put in coffee beans or powder, and this smart Barista can do the rest for you. Built with a simple piano black body design, this machine could brew up to 12 different coffees.


You can even use the foaming system to make drinks like Latte Macchiato Doppios and Cappuccino Doppios, both of which are even hard to find in good coffee shops! Perfect coffee with smooth, creamy froth and precise temperatures and ratios, with just the press of a button!

Rock every angle

Coffee is just the beginning, and we find it’s best served with music. If you’re not an audio aficionado and don’t want to spend a fortune on big, bulky speakers, B&O’s BEOPLAY P6 Portable Bluetooth speaker is your best bet. With a pearl-blasted aluminium grill and leather strap, this tiny but strong speaker with Nordic design cues can fit comfortably on your coffee table or bed. Its True360 sound can reach all corners of your home, and as it connects with your phone, you can listen to music and take calls without missing a beat.


Indulge in Italian fragrances

When you’re at home, you want everything to feel perfect. In addition to a good cup of coffee and enjoyable music, a tranquil scent might make you feel like you’ve been transported to a spa. To achieve this, the aromatherapy products of Italian brand LOCHERBER MILANO are all you need. Known for its traditional Italian craftsmanship, the brand’s elegant aromatherapy bottles are hand-blown and integrate perfectly into the design of your stylish home. The oils are made from natural plant ingredients like FIG and ROSE OF TABRIZ. The top notes of the scent are summer orchards, Sicilian lemons, strawberries and other fruity notes, while the middle notes offer a variety of herbal fragrances. The result is a delicate aroma of tree moss, vanilla, and more. Even if you live in a crowded city, the soothing fragrance of nature will transport you to the lush orchards of the countryside.

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