3 must-have items for travelers

Summer has always been a time for travel. Your passport is essential, but there are plenty of other must-pack items to bring along. We’ve found 3 essential gadgets that will transform your travels. Packing light is good advice, packing smart is even better.

Taking your photography skills to next level

Instead of lugging around a DSLR or DC camera, many people use their phone’s camera to document their travels. Now you can get professional-looking photos by simply attaching your phone to a Dji Osmo Mobile 2 Smartphone Gimbal, which weighs less than 500g. The gimbal’s unique ActiveTrack function automatically follows your subject matter with brushless motors that ensure stability.

If Panoramas are your thing, the Osmo Mobile 2 moves automatically and captures multiple photos of the view in front of you and stitches them together for a seamless image. Your landscape snaps will be more breathtaking than ever before. If sharing your travel moments is half the fun, the Osmo Mobile 2’s vertical and beautify modes will step up your selfie and live streaming game.

Soundtrack your travels with quality sound

Time spent on planes and buses is an inevitable aspect of travelling, but luckily music can make the time fly. Look no further than B&O BEOPLAY E8 WIRELESS IN-EAR EARPHONES. Built with leather, aluminium, stainless steel and braided textil cord, the quality is great and the comfort is exceptional. With just a tap of headphone’s intuitive touch control, you can change or pause tracks, take calls and activate voice commands without having to take your phone out of your pocket. Transparency mode allows you to let some of the ambient background noise of your travels in as you listen to music. E8 allows you to enjoy perfect sound experience during your journey.

Breathe the freshest air everywhere you go

Allergies can get in the way of your travel enjoyment and you can never be sure what type of pollution you are inhaling when you visit another country. To keep you breathing easy on your next trip, we recommend trying the Ible Airvida L1 Wearable Air Purifier. With its ergonomic design, the lightweight Airvida is available in 70g and 20g models. The Airvida purifies the air by binding these particles to the ground and decomposing VOCs such as formaldehyde. Armed with a 32-hour battery life, you can breathe worry-free for days, and what’s more, you don’t have to worry about changing a filter.

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