LIFA Air Smart Air Purifier (LA502)


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  • Smart Monitor System
  • Air purifier works according to current levels of Carbon Dioxide, Particular Matter and TVOC's or HCHO
  • Combination of 4,6m² HEPA-filters and 3.5 kg of impregnated activate carbon
  • Energy Efficient Solution
  • LIFAair mobile app
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- Beautiful and Intelligent
LA502 Air Purifier Removes Harmful Substances and Particles with Style

- Smart Monitor System
Independent Indoor Air Quality monitor controls the air purifier according to current levels of Carbon Dioxide, Particular Matter and TVOC's or HCHO. The readings can be seen from the monitor or mobile phone.

- Efficient and Economical Solution
Combination of 4,6m² HEPA-filters and 3,5 kg of impregnated activate carbon offer immense purification capacity. The remaining filter life is calculated according to amount of filtered contaminants.

- Smooth Control
No buttons are needed in LA502, the purifier can be elegantly controlled by sweeping.

- Genius Filter Structuref air purifier is obviously its cleaning capability. As LA502 was designed to be also suitable for very polluted areas, we decided to make filters as big as possible. This not only gives high capacity, but also lowers the pressure drop, thus reducing sound level and power consumption!

- First Phase – Pre-Filter
The metal mesh serves as a pre-filter and it can be cleaned when necessary. Pre-filter protects the HEPA-filter and therefore extends the filter life.

- Particle Filter Phase – HEPA-cartridges
Two HEPA-filters, totaling 4,6² filter area filter out even smallest particles easily. The high quality materials combined with clever filter structure ensure filter life of one year in normal conditions. LA502 delivers 450 m³/h of clean air.

- Gas Filter Phase – Active Carbon Barrels
Colossal 3,5 kg of impregnated active carbon offer 2 years of protection. According to third party inspection the CADR for Formaldehyde is 240 m³/h and capacity reaches maximum levels without a hitch.

- Medical grade HEPA-filter for effective pollutant collecting
2 cylinder H12 HEPA filter, CADR particulate matter: designed air flow 450m3/h, area of the filter is 4.6 m2, very high dust holding capacity and yet low air flow resistance – thus resulting into energy-savings and extend filter life.

- Energy Efficient Solution, Welcomed by Environment and Your Wallet
Under new national standards for air purifiers, energy efficiency has become a concern. LA500's purification efficiency to power consumption (PM2.5 6.931m ³/(h. W) is beyond the requirements. The energy efficiency of purifying formaldehyde is as high as 2.117m ³/(h. W), and beyond the requirements by 112%.


- At Your Service
All our air purifiers are equipped with first-rate LIFAsmart™ monitor-controller. It not only measures multiple pollutant levels, but also acts as the command center of the air purifier.

- Particle sensor
Accurate laser sensor measures particles ranging 0,3µm-10µm

- Formaldehyde/TVOC Sensor
Advanced Electrochemical Sensor for Measuring Levels of Volatile Organic Compounds

- CO2 Sensor
This is extraordinary among air purifiers and brings the intelligence of the device on a new level

- Built-In Diagnostic, Intelligent Air Purification
Extraordinary filtration combined together with smart command unit makes a perfect pair. It's always ready to react when there's a change on indoor air quality or if a window is opened. It also recognizes precense of humans.

- Remote monitoring keeps you in the loop wherever you are.
By installing the LIFAair APP to your mobile phone, you can monitor indoor air quality at home at any time. You can also have full control on the Air Purifier via APP.

- Intelligent control, extended filter life
LIFAsmart™ always maintains your air in excellent condition without excessive use of purifier. This prolongs the filter life, saves energy and keeps the noise level as low as possible.

- Smart calculation optimizes filter change always on time. No clogged filters, always purified air.
LIFAsmart™ displays the remaining life time of filters based on continuous complex calculation of collected contaminants. This way you avoid clogged filters and excessive filter changes.

- Long operation time with built-in lithium battery
Take the LIFAsmart™ -unit anywhere to ensure the air quality at home, daycare, car, office or outdoors. You can test the air quality wherever you go.

- Health effects of PM2.5 particles
PM2.5 air pollution in China is a very serious issue. The China Environmental Science Research Institute has been monitoring atmospheric PM 2.5 (Fine particles with a diameter of 2.5 μm or less ) at urban areas in China, monitoring big cities e.g. Beijing and Guangzhou. The measurement showed that the PM 2.5 concentration exceeded 100 µg/m3 while the official daily limit is 35 µg/m3. According to China Environmental Monitoring Station research, the PM2.5 pollution levels of Guangzhou, Wuhan, Lanzhou, Chongqing exceeds the new US limit 2-8 times.




HK Distributor provided 2-year warranty services.

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