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Essential home cleaning tools

Two of the best chemical-free & multi-function tools to let you clean your home more efficiently and reliable than ever before. Ideal for allergy suffer too!

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Pink Kitchen Collection

Get meals on the table quickly with the easy cooking receipes by using these beautiful Philips airfryer and Vermicular oven pot!

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Online Exclusive: German Pool Kitchenware

With German Pool kitchenware, cooking at home is so much fun and easier than it looks!

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JDS 3-in-1 Alloy Desktop Station

With 15W wireless mobile charging, the man-made leather charging pad uses up to 5 gb for data transfer and raises the computer monitor to eye-level for maximum comfort as well. (Promotion price: HK$799)

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KB Air Mask Portable Air Purifier

The certified technology KB Air Mask is powerful and has no burden to wear. It produces 2 million negative ions per cm3 to filter out the surrounding pollutants, carcinogenic aerosol PM2.5 and formaldehyde by 99.9%! Suitable for asthma patients and people who take public transportation. (Price: HK$1,280)

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JDS UVC-LED Toothbrush Sanitizer

The JDS sanitizer eliminates bacteria and viruses on any personal toothbrushes with patented environmental UVC-LED chip in just three minutes without chemicals. (Price: HK$450)

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