Silk'n Tightra RF Feminine Rejuvenation Device


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  • The very first women's intimate health device for home use
  • Tightening and firming effect on collagen containing tissue
  • Three different intensity levels
  • Noticeable results in just 4 weeks
  • Safe and painless
  • Helps to restore self-confidence, control and sexual satisfaction in your daily life


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After childbirth or hormonal changes such as the menopause, a woman's intimate part can look and feel different. Drooping labia, weakened vaginal walls, diminished pleasure during sex, dryness or urinary leakage can cause concerns and insecurity. The revolutionary Silk’n Tightra employs the clinically tested and proven Bi-Polar Radiofrequency energy, which is able to relieve such symptoms without the need for surgery.


Whether due to childbirth, ageing or other reasons, some women are troubled by the lost sensitivity or the transformed appearance of their intimate part. For some, wearing tight clothing, cycling, doing sports or enjoying uninhibited sex can then become difficult and painful. So is an operation the only solution? Silk’n doesn’t think so!


Introducing a scientific breakthrough in women's intimate wellness! Silk’n’s scientists have developed a home use device that employs Bi-Polar RF energy and that is well known and clinically proven for its effect on collagen containing tissue. The Bi-Polar RF energy used in Silk’n Tightra can tighten and firm the inside and the outside of the vagina, as well as the pelvic floor muscles. Women who tried Silk'n Tightra and their partners report an overall increase in sexual function and pleasure.

They are often also happier and more confident with the external appearance of their intimate part.


Bi-Polar RF technology has already become commonly used by doctors, for feminine wellness, as a replacement for surgery. In these Bi-polar RF treatments, performed by doctors, the vaginal tissue is renewed, blood flow is increased, new elastin and collagen fibres are created, pelvic muscles are tightened, and the labia tightens and firms. Silk’n has succeeded in translating the same technology to Silk’n Tightra, a device for home use. It means that you no longer have to go to an expensive clinic. Instead, you can use Tightra yourself in the comfort and the privacy of your own home. Silk’n Tightra is safe and completely painless. Silk'n also uses Bi-Polar RF energy in two other devices: in Silk’n FaceTite for facial rejuvenation, and in Silk’n Silhouette for cellulite reduction. Both devices became hugely popular in just a short time and even won a prestigious award in France (Victoire de la Beauté). Since then, thousands of enthusiastic women all over the world have been using them!


Silk’n Tightra has been specially developed for use at home and includes a number of important safety mechanisms. 16 built-in heat sensors measure the temperature of the skin during use making sure that the skin temperature will never exceed 42-43°C. This mechanism ensures that your skin never overheats. Moreover, Silk’n Tightra is fitted with a Touch Sensor that ensures that the device only works when in good contact with the skin. To protect the external vaginal tissue against overheating, there is the Movement Sensor, which will prevent heating when the Tightra's tip is not moving over the skin. Lastly, there is the Auto Shut-Off function, which switches off the device after it has been in use for 20 minutes. 


The use of Silk’n Tightra is easy and takes very little time. Only 8x 20 minute sessions (4 weeks) are needed to achieve noticeable results. During these sessions, you can treat both internally and externally. Always read the operating instructions carefully before using Silk’n Tightra.


Silk’n Tightra is designed in such a way that it causes no discomfort during use. Its shape is comparable to a spatula, and it contains 16 gold and chrome electrodes. All 16 electrodes are intended for internal use, while the 3 chrome electrodes are intended specifically for the external use. During use, you will experience a warm sensation.

Before use, it is important to apply the supplied Silk’n Intimate Gel to the device. This gel provides the conductivity needed for the application of Bi-Polar RF energy.


You can use the USB cable and plug supplied with your Silk’n Tightra to recharge the device in two ways: using your computer or a wall socket. After the device has been fully charged, you can use Silk’n Tightra for 20 minutes. Silk’n Tightra is supplied in a lovely beauty case in which you can easily store the device and supplied accessories.


The package containing your Silk’n Tightra also includes a tube of Silk’n Intimate Gel. Inclusion of the Silk’n Intimate Wash and Silk’n Intimate Wipes with the Tightra is optional. For repeat purchases, please contact your local supplier or go to

Silk’n Tightra uses clinically proven technology shrunk into a self-treatment device, to use in the comfort of your home. The device safely releases 360° uniform distribution of bipolar radiofrequency energy to the inner vaginal walls. Bipolar RF energy is famous for its tightening and firming effect on any collagen containing tissue. Silk'n Tightra employs this effect on your inner & outer parts. With its special design intended for self-use, the inner canal walls automatically receive an even distribution and exposure to bipolar RF energy, without having to rotate or move the device in and out. Additionally, the 3 chrome plated electrodes at the tip of Silk’n Tightra are intended for external use on and between the outer tissue, for a more youthful appearance. Silk’n Tightra does all the work in just a few treatments of 20 minutes each.



  • Bi-Polar Radiofrequency 
  • Improve sexual function, resulting in increased pleasure
  • Tightening and firming effect on collagen containing tissue
  • Helps prevent mild urine leakage
  • Noticeable results in just 4 weeks
  • Safe and painless
  • Non-invasive, no downtime


HK Distributor provided 1-year warranty services.

More Info

How do I know if Silk’n Tightra is right for me?

Silk’n Tightra is most commonly used by women who sense a loss in vaginal laxity and sensitivity. These typically occur in women who have given birth and to aging women during and after menopause. Tightra can also be used by women who experience other common problems in this intimate region. Silk’n Tightra should not be used by pregnant women, men, children, teenagers and virgins.


How is Silk’n Tightra different to other vaginal rejuvenation devices?

Silk’n Tightra is different from professional vaginal rejuvenation equipment because it is designed especially for safe and effective self-use at home. Although it gives results similar to those of professional RF equipment, it doesn’t require the time, expense and embarrassment involved with in-office treatments.

Silk’n Tightra is different from other home-use devices because it is the only one that employs a well studied and documented professional technology of bipolar radiofrequency.


Is there any pre or post-procedure with Silk’n Tightra?

No, there is no pre or post procedure with Silk’n Tightra, except for the 20 minutes needed for the treatment itself. All you have to do is follow the treatment regimen on your calendar and verify that the treatments are at least one week apart from each other.


When will I feel and see results?

Results vary per person. Most women will see and feel results after 8 treatments, and will continue to see improved results over the following weeks of treatments.

A few women will experience improvements even earlier in the treatment regimen - some as early as after the first treatment session.


What material is Silk’n Tightra made of?

Silk’n Tightra is made of plastic. Its RF electrodes are covered in gold and chrome. The rest of the treatment tip is made of biocompatible silicon.


Will I feel any pleasure while using the device?

No, you won't feel any pleasure. The device will only feel warm during the external remodeling part of the treatment and should not be felt at all during the internal tightening part of the treatment.


For internal treatment, do I need to move or rotate Silk’n Tightra?

For the internal treatment, it’s suggested to insert Silk’n Tightra all the way up to the cervix.

Its special design, intended for self-use, safely provides 360° uniform distribution of energy to the vaginal tissue, and by doing so, eliminates the user’s need to manually rotate or move it in and out. For external use


For external treatment, do I need to move Silk’n Tightra?

The 4th mode of operation of Tightra is intended for the external treatment. In this mode, only the 3 chrome electrodes will produce energy and these electrodes will form a smaller treatment surface. To treat externally, you should move this treatment surface and thoroughly cover the entire area: over each external lip and between the two lips. Movement must be constant to avoid overheating of one spot.


How long will I need to wait to resume sexual activity and do exercise?

One of the great advantages of Silk’n Tightra is that there is no downtime and it’s pain-free. You’ll be able to return to your routine immediately.

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