Poseion BT100 Shower Head (Black)


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  • Magnetized Vortex Water
  • Triple Care - Skin, Hair and Eco
  • Preventing Hair Loss
  • Dissolving Oil
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Imagine if you could have the greatest shower experience ever. What if you had a magical showerhead that works perfectly for everything? Let’s meet Poseion.
Other showerheads with Hard water - It causes nail, skin and hair troubles.

Poseion is the solution to all of those troubles.
After washing hands or taking a shower, the skin tends to be dry. Because the size of the water molecule is larger than pores, the water molecules are not absorbed. However, the particle shape of magnetic vortex water decomposed by Poseion’s filters passes through the pores of the skin and removes skin wastes and moistures and softens the skin.

Water for Pets
Magnetized vortex water can have an impact on a pet’s life. Pets who bathe in magnetized water tend to have healthier and cleaner looking coats of fur. Plus, the water from Poseion is considered safe for pets to drink as well. It is enriched with electrolytes and doesn’t contain arsenic and metal contents, thus it ensures your pet’s tummy stays clean and helps with their digestion and protects their kidney function.
Keeps Your Hair Shinier
Magnetized vortex water keeps hair moisturized, shinier and more manageable while using less shampoo. It even prevents the itchy scalp.
Go Greener
Poseion is eco-friendly. We guarantee using Poseion in your water-life is one of the efficient ways to go greener. Reducing chemicals in use, ditching plastic waste, and saving water are giving the planet a green makeover.
Jump-Start Seeds
Water produced via Poseion filters gives plants a kick-start and keeps veggies and fruits fresh more! When water is magnetized, some properties changed which can alter the characteristics of plant, growth, and production. It was suggested that magnetized vortex water irrigation could increase the germination of seed. Besides, magnetized vortex water improves the quantity and quality of crops and germination and fresh weight. The fruit firmness irrigated by magnetized vortex water reduces shrink rates of up to 50%.

Combination filter of Poseion purifies tap water. It removes harmful chemicals including residual chlorine and rust. Besides, it’s replaceable when it gets dirty. Harmful chemicals filtered via Combination filter can be seen through the clear glass on the side of the showerhead.



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