Pharmatrix PLA micro-needles tip (4pcs) (Accessory for PharMatrix The Rumour 3D Micro-Infusion Treatment Device)


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  • Accessory for PharMatrix The Rumour 3D Micro-Infusion Treatment Device
  • Activate cell values
  • Energize skin cells
  • Use on the face only
  • Increasing absorption by 50%
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PharMatrix The Rumour Lifestyle 2

PLA microneedles film is composed of hundreds to thousands of micro-needles. The cuticle is generally 10-40 microns thick. The vibration of the device penetrates the cuticle barrier and delivers serum to the hypodermis. This allows damaged subcutaneous tissue to start its self-repair and self-healing process, promoting the proliferation of skin and dermal cells.

PharMatrix The Rumour Procedure



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