Petoneer Fresco Pro Smart Pet Fountain


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  • One-of-a-kind multiple-stage filtration system
  • Reducing your pets' risk of developing an illness or an adverse reaction
  • Ultra-silent submersible pump
  • Innovative designs
  • Remote Control 
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Fresco Pro Fountain is based on a one-of-a-kind multiple-stage filtration system that helps to remove hair, impurities, chlorine, and odor-causing particles from your water, reducing your pets' risk of developing an illness or an adverse reaction. The submersible pump is ultra-silent, causing less disturbance than any comparable products on the market. And monitoring the water quality is simple with the TDS (total dissolved solids) meter. Petoneer Fresco Fountain is designed for Pets with Love. Innovative designs in all aspects deliver better care to Pets.

- Multiple Filtration & Purification
- Capacity (2L)
- Water Level Alert
- TDS Detection
- Remote Control
- Filter Replacement Alert

- Know Water Purity Anytime!
With the built-in antirust and anticorrosive silvered probes, the Fresco fountain can precisely measure the TDS (total dissolved solids)value. Normally, the lower of the TDS value, the lower the combined content in water.TDS value can be a general indicator of water quality.

- The Unique 3-stage Filtration
Compared to the common pets’ fountains, the Fresco fountain features the unique 3-stage filtration:pre-filtered through a mesh Screens, pushed through activated carbon filter, channeled past ion-exchange-resin filter.

It can effectively filter and diminish the hair, impurity, odour, and chlorine. Consequently, the fountain can give cleaner water to pets and reduce the risk of developing illness.



Model No:FSW010

Input Voltage:DC 5V 1A

Power:<1W(Standby Mode);<5W(Max.)


Button: Long Press (Factory Reset)

Short Press (Replace the Filter)




Wi-Fi Range:30m



There are 4 indicators to represent water capacity (From the bottom up)
(1). First indicator lights up and flashes
(2). First two indicators light up
(3). First three indicators light up
(4). all four indicators light up

3 ranges of TDS level
(1). 0 - 50 Blue
(2). 51-100 Green
(3). >100 Orange(Alert for water change)

Indicator of alert for replacing filter cartridge: red

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HK Distributor provided 1-year warranty services.

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