Mitsubishi NJ-EX107H Rice Cooker (Ruby Red)

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  • Sealed steam design, cooked under the same pressure of a traditional stove
  • 3.5mm Charcoal-coated inner pot
  • Houzyun cooking mode
  • Sustained boiling technology
  • 5 heaters
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Restore the unami to the rice by collecting the steam
Mitsubishi Electric developed water-cooled steam collection system, this innovative way of cooking prevents overflow but retain the taste of rice at the same time.
Sealed steam - Free positioning
1. Cooking freely without worrying the steam accumulated on the kitchen cabinets or walls.
2. Minimize the effect of odor and moisture on using the cooker in open kitchen or living room.
3. Preventing scald from the hot steam.
4. Flat smooth design makes it easy to wipe, keeping it clean and shiny every day.
Houzyun cooking mode gives you aromatic and moist rice every day
Houzyun mode cooks slowly and evenly, giving you delicious rice beyond your expectations.
It takes longer time than usual to activate the alpha-amylase in the rice and enhance its water-absorbing qualities, giving the rice extraordinary sweetness and glossiness.
Charcoal-coated inner pot
The 5-layered Charcoal-coated inner pot and the inner lid have charcoal coating, which bath the rice in far infrared rays, each grain is evenly heated.
Coupled with titanium hard coating, the inner pot conduct heat effectively and achieve even cooking.
5 Heaters
Inner pot is surrounded by 5 heaters to ensure heating and cooking of every grain of rice evenly.
V-shaped water level indicator
V-shaped water level indicator makes water control easier. Adjustments of half a cup made easier.



  • Litres: 1.0
  • Measurement Cups (max.) : 5.5

    IH Heating: Steamless IH
  • Power Supply: 220V (50Hz)
  • Power Consumption (W) :1270

  • Cooking mode

    • White Rice:Regular, Firm, Soft, Congee, Mixed Rice
    • Japanese Rice :Regular, Firm, Soft, Congee, Mixed Rice, Sushi, Sticky Rice
    • Japanese Brown Rice: Regular, Congee, Mixed Rice

    • Pre-set Timer: 12 hours (3 sets of Timer)
    • Warm Keeping: 24 hours

    Inner Pot

    • Inner Pot: Charcoal-coated Inner Pot
    • Thickness (mm): 3.5
    • Water level scale: V-shape Scale
      • Accessories: Scoop, Ladle, Measuring Cup
      • Dimension (W x D x H) (mm):253 x 348 x 245
      • Net Weight (kg) :6.6


HK Distributor provided 2-year warranty services.

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