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  • Acts as your personal Sommelier
  • Free app contains knowledge of over 200 wine types & styles
  • Easy to use, Kelvin will connect automatically with your mobile phone through Bluetooth
  • With built in rechargeable battery, temperature level & battery LED indicators
  • Kelvin will send you notification upon reaching the ideal temperature
  • Use up to 6 x K2, 5 meter range (from inside refrigerator)
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Using the free Kelvin K2 app, with your smartphone, will give you all the detail you could possibly need on over 200 types or varieties of wine including serving temperatures, tasting tips, useful facts and wine glass advice. Alternatively, simply take a few moments to program your choice and concentrate on enjoying your evening while Kelvin monitors your wine, as it is chilling in the refrigerator, and sends you a notification when it has reached its perfect state.
For most wine drinkers the notion of serving 'chilled white wines' and red wines at 'room temperature' is a common generalisation, but the reality is that most serve their whites far too cold and their red wines far too warm which significantly affects the wines flavour profile and of course adversely affects the drinkers enjoyment.

The Kelvin K2 Smart wine thermometer has been designed to demystify the process of enjoying your wine with its best possible flavour.
Simply download the free Kelvin K2 app from the App store or Google Play (dependant on your smart phone) and let Kelvin guide you through the simple process of selecting your favourite wine by style or type:

8 simple wine styles (Full bodied red wine, light bodied white wine etc)
Over 200 wine types (Chardonnay or Pinot Noir for example)
Once your wine is selected the K2 will automatically adjust the optimum temperature and the ideal temperature zone to exactly match experts and vineyard recommendations and provide interesting data on the background of your wine choice, providing information on;

Quick Facts
Tasting Notes (Sommelier level detail on what flavours to look for)
Food Pairing recommendations
Common Label terms explained
Similar Wine recommendations
Glassware guide to recommend the best possible glass for your wine choice.
The K2 temperature settings are also fully adjustable to take into account the most important wine drinker of all - you. The only opinion that matters when it comes to taste is your own and all the K2s recommendations are fully adjustable and your favourite wines can be served at your ideal temperature time and time again by use of the favourite function. It is a liberating level of control over your wines flavour. Once you start to understand how temperature affect your wine you can emphasise what you like and diminish what elements you dont.



Selectable between Celsius or Fahrenheit operation

Two way Bluetooth 4.0 transmission between bottle clip and mobile device

Range 10m open air, or 3-5m from inside fridge

8 wine styles and over 200 wine types with suggested optimum serving temperatures

Fully adjustable +/- target temperature for personal preference

Set and Forget (app will send you important notifications)

Accurate 'Chill Timer' gives you accurate estimate how long your wine will take

'Chill Timer' continues to inform you even if you are out of bluetooth range.

Transmitter clip fits bottles from 60mm to 80mm in diameter

User defined memories function to save favourite wine and temp settings

Splash resistant

Use up to 6 K2s with each free app to monitor multiple bottles

Power source; rechargeable built in lion battery (USB lead included)


HK Distributor provided 1-year warranty services.

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