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Although not a replacement for irons, clothing steamers are invaluable for refreshing and removing creases in all types of clothes, a must-have for people living in Hong Kong. Compared to irons, clothing steamers are more efficient at de-creasing more delicate garments such as dresses and silk blouses.

Not only are steamers great at refreshing clothes that have been worn once but don’t warrant a trip to the washing machine, they can also effectively kill 99.9% of bacteria and lift odors. While clothing steamers are usually used to taking creases out of clothes, they are also great for cleaning curtains and upholstery in a pinch.

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Keep your clothes in perfect wrinkle-free condition and reduce wrinkles and refresh your clothes and look your best every day with our carefully selected range of premium clothes steamers in Hong Kong. J SELECT carries the latest generation of clothing steamers that offers incomparable ironing quality in a single stroke, making steaming and caring for your clothes effortless and convenient.

Whether you are looking for compact handheld steamers or larger clothing steamers that come with a garment hanger and a larger water tank, our online store in Hong Kong has something that will suit your needs.

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