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Need help with your weight loss and fitness goals? Slimming and weight loss devices are great at helping target areas with excess fat that diets and exercise can’t necessarily tackle. While slimming devices and massagers aren’t going to replace your workouts or diet plan, they are a good alternative at helping you achieve results faster in a safe way. The majority of slimming devices and massagers use either clinically proven Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) or Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) to aid in toning and strengthening muscles as well as causing loss of fat cells in areas where there are excess fat. Generally, LLLT slimming devices expose fat cells with low levels of red light to slowly destroy fatty acids within the cells whereas EMS devices break down the fatty acids in fat cells that are then gradually detoxed from your body.

Other facial and body slimming technology include infrared, Radio Frequency (RF) as well as Mid Frequency Interval Pulse (MFIP) to stimulate lymphatic drainage while you massage the treatment area, which not only reduces fat in targeted areas but also helps firming the skin. Moreover, body and face slimming machines are painless, safe, non-invasive and affordable at home alternatives that reduce stubborn fat, without the need for surgery or the possibility of having to deal with discomfort and other unwanted side effects.

Discover premium slimming and massage products at J SELECT

Sculpt your body at home with J SELECT’s carefully curated slimming devices from Japan and more. Our collection of user-friendly slimming devices are perfect for use on abdomen, flank area, thigh area, buttocks and upper arms, and deliver visible results after only a few treatments. To take your slimming treatment to the next level, pair up your device with a gel moisturizer or even a dedicated slimming gel for better conductivity and even more radiant skin.

Why shop at J SELECT?

Buy high-tech beauty gadgets and premium slimming products at J SELECT today. Founded in 2013, J SELECT each and every one of our premium products are carefully sourced and chosen to ensure that the products we offer can help add value and enrich our customers day to day life. With six shops across Hong Kong and a convenient online shop, J SELECT is proud to be recognized as a retailer who provides their customers with an award-winning shopping and customer service experience.

Shop at J SELECT online today and enjoy free delivery on orders over HK$600. If you don’t want to miss our delivery, customers can arrange to pick up orders at any of our stores or SF Express pickup locations at their convenience. Sign up to become a J SELECT member and earn rewards for every purchase you make.

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