German Pool SOUS VIDE PRO Slow Cook Circulator Deluxe Set (Wi-fi Control) SVC-313W


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  • Cook to perfection anywhere anytime with an app
  • Chef-picked recipes to be recreated by you
  • Slow Cook Circulator, Vacuum Sealer, and cookbook in box set
  • Recommended by Disciples Escoffier International Asia
  • Perfectly precise temperature and time control
  • Control down to 0.5°C within range of 0 to 95°C
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Premium selection by master french chef de cuisine

Mr. Emmanuel Souliere
Vice Chiarman, Disciples Escoffier International Asia
Executive Chef

Mr. Philip John Golding
Founding President of Delegation, the Philippines, Disciples Escoffier International Asia
Executive Chef, New World Hotels & Resorts

Mr. Sakal Phoeung
President of Delegation, Vietnam, Disciples Escoffier International Asia
Owner & Chef, Le Corto

Mr. Jang Byong Dong
Secretary General, Korea, Disciples Escoffier International Asia

Traditional Pan-Fried Steak
Unevenly cooked, shrunk and dried out

Steak cooked with SOUS VIDE PRO
Tender, juicy with even texture

Water temperature rises to 60°C within only 15 mins.The powerful 360° water circulation transmits heat faster than other sous vide circulators. It only takes 15 minutes for 4L of water to increase from room temperature to 60°C. Heat loss is effectively reduced.

Water temperature rises to 60°C within only 30 mins. Weak water circulation; more time is required in order to achieve the pre-set temperature. With the heat energy concentrated near the circulator, the water temperature is lower than the pre-set temperature in areas further from the machine.

The thermostatic water flow surrounds the food and enables heat energy to penetrate thoroughly into every part of the food.

Traditional Cooking Methods
Heat energy is concentrated either at the base or the top of the food. Partial, instant temperature increase leads to an uneven distribution of heat. The surface is cooked quickly, creating a barrier that hinders thorough heat penetration.
Tender, juicy with even texture
Get the Exact Cooking Level You Want
SOUS VIDE PRO allows precise temperature control with power adjustment accurate to 0.5°C. Together with accurate time control and the thermostatic feature, you can effortlessly control the cooking level!
New Sous Vide Experience
Making Every Kind of Food Extra Delicious
Sous vide cooking brings you an unexpected variety of cuisines. With a large temperature range going from 0°C -95°C, SOUS VIDE PRO is suitable for cooking meat, poultry, seafood, eggs and even vegetables. It releases the essence of every kind of food, making them extra delicious.
Sous Vide Smartly Like a Pro
In your hand is the expertise of professional chefs. Pick a recipe. Touch to cook. Your ingredients deserves to be treated at the perfect temperature for the ideal duration, like a Michelin dish does.

Vacuum Sealing
Place food and seasonings into a vacuum zipper bag. Seal with the vacuum sealer.

Set Up
Insert SOUS VIDE PRO into the water container. Set the time and temperature accordingly.

When the water reaches the desired temperature, place the bag into the water bath

Lightly grill the food in the Halogen Cooking Pot or on the Korean Barbeque Grill to acquire a crispy, golden surface.

Touch-Screen Control Panel and Scroll Wheel
The touch-screen control panel and flexible scroll wheel bring about easy operation.

Flexible Clip
Compatible with different types of cookware. Able to secure the circulator to the water container.

LCD Display
The blue backlit LCD display clearly shows the cooking status.

Powerful Fan
The fan generates a powerful 360° water circulation that evenly distributes heat energy.




HK Distributor provided 1-year and 2 years of warranty services for the slow cook circulator and the vacuum sealer accordingly.

Service Centre: 10/F, Kowloon Godown, 1-3 Kai Hing Road, Kowloon Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong

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