German Pool KQB-300 3D Infrared Korean Barbecue Grill

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  • Healthy, fumeless and flameless indoor barbecue experience
  • Detachable non-stick grill pan, easy to clean
  • Detachable oil reservoir to collect excess grease
  • Innovative Halogen 3-way efficient heating
  • Automatic 360° rotational grill pan
  • 100° wide-angle heating swing arm
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Fumeless, Tasty and Fun
The brand new Korean Barbecue Grill uses a 3-way infrared heating system to cook food without any cooking oil. The sun-ray ridges on the grill pan guide excess fat into the oil reservoir to facilitate low-fat barbecuing, bringing you a healthy, fumeless and flameless indoor barbecue experience.
Halogen 3-way efficient heating
Infrared rays rapidly cook by way of heat conduction, convection and direct heat penetration. The excess fat in the food is forced out, waiving the need for additional cooking oil. What’s more, this way of cooking emits no harmful radiation in the process!
  • Heat Penetration - The heat energy emitted by the infrared rays can directly penetrate food for speedy cooking.
  • Heat Convection - Heat energy causes the air to stir and circulate. This enables effective heat convection.
  • Heat Conduction - The premium grill pan conducts heat rapidly to transmit heat directly onto the food.
Innovative Grill Pan with Sun-ray Ridges
The grill pan features 'Sun-Ray' ridges which guide away excess fat along a gentle slope into the oil reservoir. The pan is coated with Teflon to make it non-stick and easy to clean.

Detachable Oil Reservoir
Simply pop the oil reservoir into its dedicated slot beneath the grill pan to collect excess grease. After use, simply tip away the excess fat. Simple!

Fumeless Indoor BBQ
The use of an upper element prevents fuming, which makes this indoor barbecue experience all the more cleaner and healthier.

Heating Inverter System
With a broad temperature range of 150 - 280°C , the heating inverter system enables low temperature cooking and prevents heat loss.

Simplistic Temperature Knob
Its simple and user-friendly design allows easy temperature adjustment.

Perfect for Steam Grilling
Switch into the circular grill pan, add the steam ring and stainless steel wire shelf, and pour in water for steam grilling!

Simplistic Temperature Knob

Detachable Oil Reservoir

Heating Inverter System

‘Sun-ray’ ridged non-stick Teflon grill pan

100° Wide-Angle Heating Swing Arm

360° Auto-Rotate Grill Pan




HK Distributor provided 1-year warranty services.

Service Centre: 10/F, Kowloon Godown, 1-3 Kai Hing Road, Kowloon Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong

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