Dr Spine lumbar pillow - the perfect curve pillow


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  • Support the waist, reduce waist and back pressure, prevent back pain from the root cause
  • Long-term use to reduce muscle tension in the lower back
  • Help maintain the natural curve of the waist
  • Recommended to use 10-15 minutes a day
  • Maintain lumbar support
  • Ergonomic
  • Lumbar pillow specially uses memory foam
  • Naturally fine-tune the weight and body type of different people
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  • Based on Dr. Spine's experience in treating patients with low back pain for many years, the pillow is designed for people of any age. The height and streamline are ergonomic. The lumbar pillow is specially made of memory foam, which can be adjusted naturally according to the weight and body shape of different people.
  1. Product Principle
    Lie down 10 minutes a day to stretch the lumbar spine. The severe back pain will be greatly relieved with the relaxation of the lumbar spine.
  2. Feature
    Because of its therapeutic effect, it not only relieves back pain, but also restores our lumbar spine to normal curvature. When you lie on it, you can feel the feeling of lumbar spine being stretched and elongated, and the curvature is just right!
  3. Suitable users
    Lumbar disc herniation, scoliosis, often sitting, standing, walking, moving heavy objects, lumbar strain, people who are concerned about the health of the waist, etc.



Size: 48x29x13cm
Made in China

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