Cleansui Cartridge - ECS31Z (EC301 accessory)


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Filter cartridge of WS301E Shower Head:

  • For haircare and skincare enthusiasts
  • For people with easily irritated or sensitive skin
  • Saves up to 38% more water than conventional products
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The effect on your hair and skin

Hair is made of protein. Residual chlorine is said to damage protein, disturbs cuticles and causes dry hair. Once hair is damaged, it cannot be repaired, as it has no regenerative power.

Residual chlorine can be a source of dryness and other problems for people with sensitive or easily irritated skin. Although the cause is not clearly known, it is also considered to be one of the main contributing factors toward atopic dermatitis and other skin conditions.

Cleansui Cartridge - ECS31Z (EC301 accessory)



Cleansui Cartridge - ECS31Z (EC301 accessory) Cleansui Cartridge - ECS31Z (EC301 accessory)



Product Name: Filter cartridge
Product Number: WWC301E
Dimensions: Φ44 mm × H35.4 mm
Weight: 25 g
Color: White
Flow Rate: 8 L/min
Performance: Free residual chlorine reduction capacity,3000 L
(50% reduction, According to Japan Water Purifier Association, JWPAS J.210 "How to test water purification shower")
Water Requirements: 0.05–0.35 MPa, 0–45°C
Material: PP, PET
Filtering Material: Calcium sulfite, non-wovenfabric
Origin: Japan

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