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Three rules to slim down your face


Who doesn’t want a perfectly shaped face? Imagine looking slim and photogenic without having to spend hours contouring. Many of us here have probably left no stones unturned: from giving yourself a face massage, to injections and surgeries, nothing is guaranteed but risk. What if I told you there’s a way to slim down quick and naturally with no risk involved? Introducing the Medi Lift EMS Faceline Firming Mask. Enjoy face slimming in a mere 10 minutes! Medi Lift is specifically designed to shape around your face at all angles, so you don’t need to worry about displacement of the mask during use. Just put on Medi Lift and let it work its magic on your facial contour, while you carry on with your daily life.

Medi Lift is now all the rage in Japan. Using cutting-edge technology, the device helps reshape your contour following the three rules of face slimming. 10 minutes, and your puffy cheeks are no more!

Rule 1: Relax your jaw

The large masseter muscles lie underneath the smaller muscles responsible for your facial expressions. The primary function of the masseters is chewing, so it will get stronger and larger the more you chew. It’s not hard to see why they are responsible for a bloated face. The best way to counter over-training of these muscles is to rest them. Medi Lift in “Stress Reduction EMS Mode” emits a smooth and low frequency pulse to help the jaw muscles relax. The entire process requires no assistance with your hands; just put on the mask and set the mode to let the EMS shape your face to perfection.

Rule 2: Train your cheeks

The Zygomaticus major is a pair of muscles directly in charge of your cheeks’ movement. Without proper and regular training, the lower part of your face will start developing horizontally, leading to the dreaded swollen face. Medi Lift in “EMS Training Mode” trains the Zygomaticus major muscles with a pinpoint low frequency pulse. By externally stimulating the muscles and enhancing blood circulation, toning up your facial contour is a matter of minutes. Train your cheeks like an athlete would his legs!

Rule 3: Fight ageing

Aging is the biggest enemy to a firm facial contour. As a woman matures, her face muscles and skin will lose elasticity and turn saggy. To fight against this, an everyday training regimen must be maintained. Medi Lift’s all-round wrapping design and the EMS technology synergise and stretch your muscles upwards, starting from the lower jaw. With the power of science, experience the time and gravity-defying face mask treatment in just 10 minutes.

Tailored for you

What can be worse than a mask that doesn’t fit? With every user’s benefit in mind, Medi Lift is made with derma-friendly medical silicone. The stretchy and adhesive properties of the property allow the mask to hug your face like a tailormade glove. With a quad-strap design, the mask can be firmly secured so you can go along with your daily errands without a worry. Free up your hands for your phone, work, or anything you fancy, while your face keeps slimming down to a V.

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