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Hop on the fast track fitness train and turn heads this summer


Summer is coming, and the bikini season comes with it. You have been building up your energy storage tirelessly through fall and winter, but now that the harsh times have past, you find yourself out of time to exercise. With the ACETINO Deep Core Massager, you will effortlessly attain that enviable beach body. Simply run it through your body parts that need toning up, five minutes at a time. Take your showers, binge your shows, and get firm at the same time. Show your perfect self this summer!

YA-MAN Acetino Deep Core

Fresh from Japan, the ACETINO Deep Core Massager is expertly designed to achieve extreme-speed body contouring. Its intuitive controls and waterproof body let you seize every chance to get firm. The intense vibration will burn through your calories. Target the body part of your choice, and the massager will seek and destroy the stubborn fat with the added benefit of soothing muscle aches. Two interchangeable roller heads come with the device: the silver roller is specifically made to massage the delicate skin and muscles on your face, while the serrated head works hard to make the rest of your body beach-ready.

YA-MAN Acetino Deep Core

Target and burn the fat in five minutes

A bodycon dress can expose your loose triceps and saggy torso to the world. Use the ACETINO Deep Core Massager to target the danger zones of your body such as the arms, waist, upper and lower legs. Five minutes for each body part are all it takes to achieve beauty salon-level fat sculpting results.

YA-MAN Acetino Deep Core

Wash your weight away

Laziness is the sworn enemy of a slim body. But we all understand that sometimes our will to exercise does flicker after an entire day of work. The waterproofed ACETINO offers massage sessions during your showers. As the steaming hot water heats up your body, your metabolic rate increases – the perfect condition for fat burning and body sculpting. The ACETINO is light and compact enough to held with one hand, so you can spend time on enjoying life as your fat gets vibrated away.

YA-MAN Acetino Deep Core

An all-round game plan to knock the fat out

Most people are glued to the desk at work, accumulating persistent fat in the upper leg and the torso muscles. Fortunately, the ACETINO Deep Core Massager is well-equipped with the most powerful components to tackle even the largest muscles. Eight sets of 3D rollers, totalling 104 individual massage bearings, is capable of 49,000 revolutions per minute. The tremendous area of contact with your body allows a 360 degree fat sculpting action, raising metabolism and making the visual effect of the treatment more significant.

YA-MAN Acetino Deep Core

Professional massage experience

A traditional weight loss regimen can be super stressful. Is there a way to gain a perfect body while enjoying a soothing massage? ACETINO is here for you. Its 3D rollers provides powerful spinning motion on all directions, so your muscles can experience a massage session that rivals real-life professionals. With this non-invasive, physically therapeutic device in hand, you can cut down on fat and shape up your body without any risks, with the added bonus of a relaxed body afterwards!

YA-MAN Acetino Deep Core

Delete the chubbiness off your cheeks

Use the silver roller head to neutralise the puffiness on your face. The five bearings inside are specially designed for the exquisite skin on your face. Only five minutes of vibration from the 3D bearings are needed to strengthen your facial muscles and firm up your facial contour.

YA-MAN Acetino Deep Core

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