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Say bye to eye wrinkles. Let your eyes shine


Screen time at work, mobile time in transit, TV time back home… our eyes don’t really get a proper chance to rest. In fact, constant exposure to screens puts our eyes and the surrounding muscles and skin in constant strain. As the hardest-working lady in the office, what do you do to keep your eyes bright and your skin tight? We recommend the “RF Photo Plus EX Eye Pro”, powered by Japanese patented technology. Even if you have dedicated yourself to overtime work for the entire week, the device will replenish your skin overnight. So no more heavy makeup, just a few simple touches to let your eyes outshine your office peers!

The amount of wrinkles on your face determines your age. Skin surrounding the eyes are particularly delicate, so there is no more time to lose. “RF Photo Plus EX Eye Pro” packs 6 anti-aging features in one punch, giving you professional skin treatment in the comfort of your own home. Start invigorating your skin from the very bottom!

Secret to the sharpest eyes

The exclusive RF Eyelift Technology now brings the most professional care to the skin around your eyes. A gentle RF radio frequency and low-voltage shockwaves work in tandem to stretch and tighten the skin in the area. The radio frequency also stimulates regeneration of collagen, removing wrinkles and restoring youth to your every glance. Gently massage from one corner of the eye to the other, each press lasting around 3 seconds.

Radiating skin

RF Photo Plus EX Eye Pro” passively trains your facial muscles with a duo-frequency EMS. The combination of low and mid frequency microcurrents promote muscle activity deep under the surface, restoring the baby-soft quality to your skin.

The device also features red light therapy. This specific light frequency is capable of penetrating into the dermis of your skin, promoting collagen growth, accelerating metabolism and activating skin cells. All these benefits come together to give your skin condition a healthy boost.

Additionally, the device employs ionization technology to achieve deep cleansing and moisturisation on your skin. The microcurrent and vibration facilitate ion exchange in your skin to allow easy absorption of electrolysed skin products. Recharge your skin to keep it vibrant!

After various steps of treatment, a cool-down procedure is in order. The low temperature in contact will help your skin settle down with all the stimuli on top of minimising pores, forging a flawlessly smooth skin for yourself.

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