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  • 01

    YA-MAN Medi Lift Mask

  • 02

    YA-MAN Photo Plus EX Eye Pro (Pink & White) (HRF-20W-EYE-HK)

  • 03

    YA-MAN RF Beauté Photo PLUS Facial Device (HRF-10T-HK)

  • 04

    YA-MAN RF Beauté Photo PLUS Hyper Facial Device (HRF-11-B-HK)


  • Hop on the fast track fitness train and turn heads this summer

    Bikini season incoming! But have you shed the blubber you gained from all the winter festivities yet? Losing weight at home is no longer a distant dream with this piece of technology. Five minutes every day are all you need to forge the perfect body for the summer!

  • Three rules to slim down your face

    Want to slim down your cheeks without risk? 10 minutes are all you need!

  • Say bye to eye wrinkles. Let your eyes shine

    Are late nights and long hours terrorising the skin around your eyes? Here’s a secret to get rid of wrinkles and fine lines, so you can keep your skin tight and your eyes bright!



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