It often feels that time is speeding up, in a permanently connected world demanding constant attention. klokers seeks to reclaim that fleeting, precious time. To do so, it designs and manufactures Machines To Travel Through Time which provide creative, original and inspired individuals with an opportunity to express their uniqueness. klokers offers you the possibility to create your own style: the watch head and the strap are both interchangeable components. The watch head is attached to the strap by means of a patented system. The combinations of watch heads, straps, materials, colours and accessories, etc., are virtually endless. This also allows you to wear your watch the way you want. It’s your choice. The brand highlights the uniqueness of the individual by flying in the face of time itself. Although it has become a universal standard to read the time using hands or numbers, klokers has come up with a very different solution: each item in the 2015 collection offers a new way to tell the time. klokers appeals to our memories and personal emotions. Each item is inspired by objects from the past, whose emblematic uses are still there buried away in the collective subconscious. klokers timepieces are neither vintage nor retro but part of a transverse reality. They offer a means to travel between yesterday and tomorrow, being resolutely focused on the future. These are the klokers Machines to Travel through Time

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