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ABOVELIGHTS was established in 2013 in Shenzhen, China. ABOVE is committed to incorporating the foreword technology into the luminaires, digging out more possibilities for light, and beyond the light (Above Lights). We have made great breakthroughs in optics. Through the application of light guide plates and nano materials, we have created innovative 3D illumination on transparent light covers. By changing the graphic design, it allows users to see different optical effects, which is very visually impactful.

We believe that the attributes of home lighting fixtures should not be limited on lighting and decorative effects. We use the lamp as a carrier to integrate modern technology into the luminaire and give the user the practical convenience. For instance, the gesture switch light features the function of adjusting the brightness by the gesture for each user to experience the fun of magic.

In product development, we use a large number of techniques such as gesture sensing, wireless fast charging, voice control, laser sensing, and magnetic sensing. We make the interaction of the luminaires easier to use.

We spend a lot of time on the research and development of basic materials and devices. Research is the basis for our realization of creativity, and we have accumulated a lot of technical patents.

We have our own factories, and strictly control the quality of raw materials and production processes. We focus on each product's detail and always put product quality and customer at the first.

ABOVELIGHTS pay highly attention to environmental protection and public welfare. We produce green and energy-saving products, and the materials we use are environmental friendly and recyclable. Our company starting to invest in public welfare and work together to create a beautiful global village.

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