ARTISTIC & CO. Aqua Healing The Perfect Cleansing Mist (150 ml)


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  • Adsorbs and removes dirt from pores
  • Remove dirt with alkaline ionized water
  • Black head (darkness of the pores) will be improved
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Artistic & CO. Co., Ltd. started as an agent for the production and import of medical equipment in cosmetic and plastic hospitals. The instruments and equipment manufactured have been well received by many aesthetic doctors and academies, thus creating the brand of Dr. Arrivo. Reasons for Brand Name Dr. Product design is based on the advice and clinical verification of more than 100 cosmetic and plastic surgeons, and is designed and developed for the ultimate pursuit of artistic beauty with the increasing improvement of science and technology and safety of use. Dr. Arrivo's patented technology achieves the same cosmetic effect as that of professional beauticians on the courtyard line even if the home beauty instrument is used. Skillful functional design, fully realize the high-end people to modern life fast rhythm, high quality, the pursuit of immediate effect. The technological support and the beauty of art make Dr.Arrivo a success.



Wide range of ses:

  • Dr. Fresco. The Zeus Special Purpose Clean Water
  • Make-up water
  • Moisturizing spray
  • Makeup spray
  • Hair spray



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