Amvel Heat Block x Smooth Automatic Umbrella (Light Grey)


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  • 100% shading and 99.9% UV protection
  • One of the lightest UV-cut automatic umbrella in the world, it weighs only 283 grams.
  • Extremely durable, the method of bonding the light-shielding film, as long as the fabric does not break, the shading effect is permanent!
  • Umbrella cloth added waterproof coating EASY-DRY, just need to wave a few times, water beadbye, the umbrella is very fast!
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100% shading fabric Automatic umbrella
Automatic opening and closing umbrella using 100% shading fabric. It is unisex and can be used as a umbrella.

Use 100% shading fabric
"HEAT BLOCK" has a two-layer structure in which a light shielding film is bonded to the back of the fabric. This two-layer structure achieves 100% shading. As long as the fabric is not torn, its shading effect is semipermanent. Regarding the light shielding performance, 100% light shielding has been confirmed by the third party inspection organization's inspection of the light shielding property. The inspection method is a device that evaluates the light shielding property of curtains, etc., and is implemented in accordance with JIS-L-1055 A method (equivalent to 100,000lux illuminance summer sunlight).

UV protection is 99.9%
It has been confirmed that UV shielding rate is 99.9% (maximum value) by UV measurement inspection by a third party inspection organization. The measurement wavelength is 280mm-400mm, using a band pass filter.

Ultra-thin lightweight fabric that can be used in the rain
The fabric is light and lightly modified by weaving with fine threads. The thickness of the yarn used in general umbrellas is 75 denier, but the fabric used for "HEAT BLOCK" is 15 denier, the same level as the thinness of the yarn used in stockings.

Easy operation even for people with weak power
We reviewed the spring structure built into the shaft of the automatic opening / closing umbrella. We reduced the power to store the shaft by about 45% compared to our company, and now we can operate smoothly even if the power is weak.

Cleared 500 open / close endurance tests
Although it is an automatic opening and closing umbrella that is easily broken due to its complicated structure, "SmoothAutomatic" has cleared 500 switching endurance tests. Third-party inspection organizations have demonstrated that they can be used without any problems even after endurance testing with 500 cycles of opening and closing at a rate of 6 times per minute.



length of rib: 54 cm
Weight: 283g
Use diameter: 97 x 56 cm
Total length when stored: 28 cm
Width when stored: 4.5 cm

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