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Established in 2013, J SELECT offers a diverse series of high quality products, across smart home appliances, lifestyle gadgets, audio and video, beauty and health products. Thoughtfully curated from design hubs the world over, all products have been carefully selected to ensure excellent quality and unique design, enhance people’s life quality, and savor the joy and satisfaction of shopping. J SELECT is committed to providing a refined seamless shopping experience for customers. Currently, there are six outlets and a convenient online store in Hong Kong. In recognition of our service quality, J SELECT was awarded the “2018 Service of Retailers of the Year” and the “2019 Top 10 Quality E-Shop Awards – Gold” by Hong Kong Retail Management Association (HKRMA).



J SELECT is a retail brand under Jebsen Group. From a shipping agency established at the end of 19th century, Jebsen Group has evolved into a marketing, distribution and investment organization, deeply embedded in the industries and market it serves. Jebsen Group is known for representing quality products, services, investments and solutions across the Beverage, Consumer, Industrial, Motors, Logistics and Jebsen Capital.



With clear vision and commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR), Jebsen is determined to integrate economic, social and environmental considerations into organizational strategies and operations. After all, the Group's main goals are to distribute quality products and services to customers, sustain business growth, and improve the environment and well-being of the local communities.


People are our most important assets, hence special care is placed on employees' ethical behavior, values and quality of life. Jebsen believes CSR, in addition to contributing to environmental and social development, is an imperative and win-win solution for sustainable growth.






新登場『M-Box 迷你可摺疊式健身單車』摺得埋嘅健身單車 I 隨時隨地健身!
Thermomix廚神機 I 可能係世界最細嘅廚房✋
J SELECT 網店獨家 Dyson品牌週低至 85折*
Insta 360 ONE X2全景相機 I 1秒愛上360全景相機 。玩轉西貢6大玩味拍攝技巧!
【recolte人氣廚具】芝士火鍋 乾果機新上架
男士們想生存 I 聖誕禮物大攻略
【Bodyflex靜音筋膜按摩槍mini go】輕巧易攜
小編實測【ghd Platinum+造型夾】美髮神器
係咪『男人愛高達 女人唔明白?』
【秋日激賞 Thanksgiving舒適家居篇】
【秋日激賞 Thanksgiving 潮流生活篇】
【秋日激賞 Thanksgiving 健康美容篇】
秋日激賞Thanksgiving 四重獎賞 低至1折!
【運動電子產品優惠】防水耳機 I 運動相機 I 心電圖機
【Samsung 品牌週】低至7折
【瑞士品牌JURA 專業級家用自動咖啡機 】網球天王費德勒十多年全球代言人
JBL real 小編實測【 超強便攜式 JBL PartyBox On-The-Go 派對藍牙喇叭】
【J SELECT x JDS 12合1 運動相機配件套裝 】上線啦|全方位捕捉所有完美時刻
【J SELECT x PHILIPS 88折 品牌週】| 火速搶購好多贈品‼️
【JSELECT X Belulu 美容組合】|高性價比!美容機入門首選!
【J SELECT x ARTISTIC & CO.系列】|日本美容儀界HERMES限時優惠搶購
【J SELECT x Logitech G 專業電競系列 】|專業 Keyboard Mouse Headset 組合搶購
【J SELECT 打卡廚房】|BRUNO X Vitantonio 吸睛打卡廚具
【J SELECT |營造品味智能生活】
【J SELECT x Dyson 品牌週 85折優惠】| J SELECT 網上獨家
【J SELECT |變出家中健身室】
【J SELECT 家居清潔好法寶】鼻敏感速速走
【J SELECT 閨蜜粉紅控廚房套裝】| 助你成為美食教主
【J SELECT 健康廚房好幫手】
【J SELECT呈獻:5樣女朋友一定會鍾意嘅禮物】
【J SELECT 誠意分享】專業家用美容組合 屋企都可以做Facial?!
意大利品牌 POLTI SV450 2合1高溫蒸氣清洗機
JDS UV-C 紫外光消毒棒
JURA ENA 8自動咖啡機
G Health 身體脂肪分析咭
TEMPTU AIR Airbrush 專用噴槍
Bodyflex Mini衝擊治療按摩槍
J SELECT 聯同 ARTISTIC & CO. 將美容哲學融入你的生活
J SELECT - Mystery Shopper Programme | 2018 Service Retailers of the Year - Winner Video



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