2017 Christmas Lucky Draw Terms & Conditions

  1. From 24 November to 31 December 2017 (“Promotion Period”), customers can redeem a lucky draw ticket upon every HK$500 same-day net spending in J SELECT stores or online store (“Ticket”). Spend HK$500 to redeem one Ticket, spend HK$1,000 to redeem two Tickets and so on.
  2. Customers must drop the Ticket into the designated lucky draw ticket collection box at any J SELECT shops before 9:00pm, 31 December 2017 (“Shop Deadline”). Submissions after the Shop Deadline will not be accepted. The Shop Deadline will be in accordance with J SELECT’s network time.
  3. Customers are entitled as participant automatically upon every HK$500 same-day net purchase at J SELECT online provided that the purchase must be completed on or before 11:59 pm, 31 December 2017 (“Online Deadline”). The Online Deadline will be in accordance with J SELECT’s network time.
  4. The lucky draw will be held on 10 January 2018 and the results will be published on SingTao Daily, The Standard and www.jselect.com on 16 January 2018. 
  5. Each eligible receipt can be redeemed once only. There will be no limitation for the number of times each participant can register.
  6. Participants shall fill in correct information during registration, no changes will be allowed. Registration forms with missing or incorrect information will be deemed void.
  7. J SELECT will contact winners based on the registered phone number or email address provided by the participants. If winners cannot be reached due to incorrect, the Tickets shall be void and have no effect and J SELECT shall not be liable to the winner for any damages and costs arising thereof.
  8. The personal data of all participants will be used for this lucky draw purpose only and will be destroyed within one month after the Promotion Period. 
  9. Participants must keep the original Tickets for prize collection, photocopied Tickets will not be accepted. The Tickets will not be re-issued if it is lost, amended, damaged or expired.
  10. Winners shall collect prizes at the appointed time and location as informed subject to the below conditions, failing which the Tickets shall be invalid and have no effect.
  11. Participates must present the original Tickets together with their personal identity documents for prize collection. Ticket missing or incorrect information will be deemed void.
  12. If winners cannot collect the prize in person, winner’s representative is required to present a signed authorization letter by the winners, copy of the winner’s identification documents, the original copy of representative’s identification together with the original Tickets, upon collecting the prize.
  13. All prizes are not-returnable. Once the prize is issued, J SELECT shall not reissue if the prize is lost or stolen. 
  14. Photos of the prizes shown on all materials are for reference only.
  15. In any circumstances, the prize is not for sale and is non-exchangeable for cash, other goods, or services. J SELECT is not liable for, and do not provide any warranties or representations of any kind, whether express, implied or statutory, in relation to the quality or performance of the Prize. Any enquiries relating thereto should be directed to the relevant prize supplier.
  16. Any cancellation or refund of transaction after registration shall not be valid for lucky draw registration. Upon prize redemption, J SELECT reserves the right to withdraw the prizes. 
  17. Employees of the Jebsen Home Tech Company Limited are not permitted to participate the lucky draw.
  18. In case of dispute of the terms herein, the lucky draw and the Tickets, Jebsen Home Tech Company Limited reserves the right for final decisions.
  19. The terms and conditions are in Chinese and English. If there is any discrepancy between these two versions, the English version shall prevail.

Trade Promotion Competition Licence No.: 49602


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