YA-MAN Photo PLUS Prestige Pro - M30

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  • Photo PLUS Prestige Pro is the ultimate model in the Photo PLUS Prestige series, YA-MAN’s flagship RF facial care product line. 
  • In addition to ‘Moisture Permeation*1 and Ingredient Introduction’, the series’ ultimate*2 technology, Photo PLUS Prestige Pro is equipped with professional level*3 RF (Radio Frequency) and high-frequency EMS, providing popular salon treatments with this one device. 
  • Photo PLUS Prestige Pro authentically treats a wide range of skin problems from various angles."

*1: As of March 2022 *2: Up to the stratum corneum

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YA-MAN 雅萌 旗艦級美顏儀 - M30  YA-MAN Photo PLUS Prestige Pro - M30
  • The Ultimate*1 New Permeation*2 Technology × High-frequency EMS — NEO DYHP - Neo Dynamic Hyper Pulse will help penetrate beauty ingredients throughout the skin
  • For sensitive area around the eyes Special head and program designed for the eye area — Treats the skin with weak micro-currents with RF (Radio Frequency). The device provides gentle and efficient care to the sensitive area around the eyes, where signs of aging easily appear.
  • Equipped with LED, a popular beauty treatment at esthetic salons Simultaneous photo-care with three-colored LED(red/blue/orange) that can improve various skin issues
  • Whether after just one use or continuous use, your skin will become more moisturized than using lotion only Elasticity and brightness — the most common aging concerns — also improved!

*1: As of March 2022 *2: Up to the stratum corneum

Main features
Skin concerns
3 MHz
Red, Orange and Blue LED (30% more powerful compare to other YA-MAN M20)
Eye care
Treatment time
14 mins
Time reminder
Moisture retention
Firmness and lifting
Eye care
Hong Kong distributor provide 1 year warranty

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