Siemens iQ500 side by side refrigerator - KA92DAI30 (541L)

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Color: Silver
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  • The hyperFresh plus Box with adjustable humidity keeps fruit and vegetables fresh longer.
  • noFrost technology prevents icing and frosting so you never have to defrost again.
  • Access and control your fridge, no matter where you are - Home Connect App (Android and iOS)
  • The LED lights up the interior brightly and evenly, without dazzling.
  • Plenty of space for weekly shopping thanks to extra high capacity.

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Everything within easy reach:

  • For more convenience when adding and removing foods, the glass shelves can now be pulled out up to the middle on profile rails. This gives you an optimal view and nothing remains hidden. Of course they slide easily and are tilt-proof, so you can pull them all the way out even when fully loaded. The frameless shelves are made of high-quality, robust glass.

Shatterproof and easy to clean: the safetyGlass shelves.

  • All glass shelves are made from extra strong, easy-to-clean safety glass. If something tips over, the spillage is contained and does not spill into the rest of the refrigerator compartment.

Store bottles safely: the bottleRack.

  • You can safely store bottles in the removable stainless steel bottleRack without them rolling back and forth. Now also for large and small bottles and for cans.

Freeze super large quantities super fast: superFreezing.

  • To prevent thawing of frozen foods when placing large quantities of new food in the freezer, simply activate the superFreezing button before going shopping. The appliance will then automatically cool down to a temperature as cold as –30 °C so that newly stored foods do not interrupt the freezing process.

Ensures even cooling at all levels: the multiAirflow system.

  • The multiAirflow system circulates the air evenly in the refrigerator compartment for constant temperatures. Foods recently placed inside are cooled faster. And the fresh food quality is preserved better.

Fresh air without bacteria: the airfreshFilter with antiBacteria.

  • The airfreshFilter with antiBacteria actively neutralises odours inside the refrigerator and filters out bacteria. Unpleasant substances from foods with intensive odours are absorbed, and the air remains clean and fresh – without replacing the filter for the life of the appliance.

Always the right temperature - freshSense

  • Even the slightest changes in temperature, like the sun shining on the fridge freezer, can affect the conditions inside the fridge – and thus the freshness of your food. To prevent this, freshSense measures the temperature on the inside and the outside of the fridge and knows when the surrounding conditions change. As soon as a change is registered, the control system immediately takes countermeasures to ensure your food stays fresh for as long as possible.

high capacity

  • Plenty of space for weekly shopping thanks to extra high capacity.

Ideal for large frozen food items and much more: the bigBox.

  • An entire leg of lamb, several pizzas, or a tall container full of freshly picked blueberries – for especially large or cumbersome food items you need an extra-large storage space. The bigBox gives you plenty of space to accommodate and stack everything. And when you need an even larger space, all the drawers and shelves can be easily removed from the freezer compartment, quickly putting the entire freezer space at your disposal.

Access and control your fridge, no matter where you are - Home Connect App (Android and iOS)

  • The world of technological innovation constantly progresses. Step by step, more appliances become more connected and intelligent. With Wi-Fi-enabled Siemens home appliances and Home Connect, this development finally makes its way into your home. The synergy of Wi-Fi-enabled appliances, intelligent software and an intuitive app offers a wide range of options. While some ease the workload and some open up completely new possibilities, all of them make everyday life as efficient and comfortable as never before. And you can spend more time on the things you like. For a life less ordinary.


  • The holidayMode setting gives you energy-saving cooling while you’re away.

Always reliable: the multiAlarm system.

  • The multiAlarm system notifies you visually and acoustically when the temperature rises, which can happen for example if the door is left open.
Product Dimension
1756 mm x 912 mm x 732 mm
Warranty Information
2-year warranty parts + on-site support
Stainless Steel
No. of Shelve
Side by Side
Energy Efficiency Grading Label
Grade 1
No. of Door
Freezer Net Capacity (L)
Net Capacity (L)
HK Distributor provided 2-year warranty service

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