Philips RO Instant Hot Water Dispenser with instant cooling - ADD6921DG

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  • Philips ADD6921DG RO water dispenser brings you a more convenient drinking experience. 
  • Equipped with a professional compressor for powerful cooling, cold water is stored in the built-in cold water tank with continuous antibacterial protection provided by UV-C LED. 
  • With up to 180 minutes of ultra-long physical cold keeping technology, it is energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. 
  • You can easly access ice-cold water as low as 5℃ and effortlessly create various frozen beverages.
  •  Fresh boiling water is within reach by 100% real boiled technology. 
  • The AquaShield filtration system removes 110* harmful materials and the portable jug meets different needs.

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Overview Specification Warranty Review (2)

  • Filters up to 99.999% bacteria and viruses*
  • Filters up to 99.9% heavy metals (soluble lead), antibiotics, sediments, residual chlorine, pesticide residue, cysts, VOCs, odor and other impurities*
  • 6 preset temperatures (Cold 5℃ / Ambient / 45℃ / 55℃ / 85℃ / 100℃)
  • 4 preset volumes (150 / 250 / 300 / 500ml)
  • Detachable 1.8L filtered water jug is made with antibacterial material (food grade) and provides more flexibility
  • TDS reading display, water quality at a glance

* Filtration rates were tested by international certification and testing agency SGS and other 3rd party accredited laboratories under laboratory conditions.

Filtering systemAuaporin Reverse Osmosis Filtration technology
Micron rating0.0001 micron
Purification functionsFilter up to 99.999% bacteria, 99.999%viruses, 99.9% residual chlorine, 99.9% heavy metals (soluble lead compounds), 99.9% pesticide residue, cysts, VOCs, odor and other impurities
Pre-set water temperatureCold(5℃), Ambient, Warm(45℃ / 55℃), Hot(85℃/100℃)
Pre-set water volume150ml, 250ml, 300ml, 500ml
Heating mechanism3 seconds instant heat
Cooling mechanismCompressor cooling
Raw water tank capacity6L
Filter water jug capacity1.8L
Filter filtration capacity
Filter lifespanApprox. 1 year at 5L/day
Other featuresWinter mode, Safety lock, and QuickTwist filter replacement
Dimension (W x H x D) mm230 x 428 x 445 mm
InstallationNo installation needed
Filter modelADD583
2 year warranty, filter not included


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