Nintendo Switch Games - Miitopia

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  • You and your chosen person start an adventurous RPG game "Miitopia"
  • Take care of Mii at the hotel
  • A comical battle full of human touch

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Start an adventure with someone you like
The characters appearing in the story are all Mii made into Q version portrait characters . From the protagonist, companion, king to the big devil, all can be determined by your favorite Mii. Mii, who was selected as a companion, is not only about appearance, but also personality.

In addition, the limited features of Nintendo Switch "Mittopia", using the newly added "makeup" and "wig", you can take a little thought and become the image you want in your heart! Please make your friends, loved ones, loved ones, etc. into Mii, and try the adventure together.

If you are a player who is not very good at making Mii, you can get it from a friend, or enter the "access code" published by players all over the world on social media, etc., to get the Mii they have made.

Take care of Mii at the hotel
"Hotel" is an important place for adventurers. In addition to restoring the tired body's strength, giving food to improve abilities, giving pocket money to buy new weapons, etc., it is a place to provide various assistance to the Mii.

Assigning Mii companions to the same room will improve the feelings, and the "like level" will gradually increase. Like the higher the level, the more advantageous the battle, so take care of them.

If you want to improve your relationship, dating is the best way. Like cafes, fishing, movie theaters, etc., there are a variety of places suitable for dating in the game. I want the relationship between the two to become better, and if you let them go out together, the distance will be greatly shortened.

A comical battle full of human touch
Accompanying the adventure is fighting monsters. Mii will use the corresponding skills to fight according to their "professionals". The chosen professions, such as the "warrior" who has both offensive and defensive capabilities, and the "monk" who is good at recovering, can also become "idols", "cooks" and "cats" in addition to the professions familiar to people in PRG.
In addition, Mii's "character" will also affect the battle. For example, a "gentle" character will protect allies in times of crisis, but sometimes because of being too gentle and unable to bear the fatal blow to the enemy..."Stubborn" character, if you are not satisfied with the attack, you may launch two attacks. But sometimes it also interrupts the reply of allies, and different personalities will take different actions. "Of course that person would do such a thing!" Such a nodding scene, or a surprised scene of witnessing "Could that person do such a thing!?" When fighting, it is also a pleasure to see such a humane appearance.

  • Number of players: 1
  • Corresponding controller: Nintendo Switch Pro Controller
  • Keep and store data: correspond
  • Platform: Nintendo Switch
  • Vendor: Nintendo
  • Types: Cosplay
  • Corresponding language: Japanese, English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Korean, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional)

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