Xiaomi water ionic hair dryer H500

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A Moisture-infusing Hair Dryer

The double water ions* are deeply penetrated into your hair for lasting protection and a smooth shine. With tens of millions of negative ions*, this hair dryer can keep the natural moisture in the hair while also effectively reducing split ends and frizz, thus improving hair strength and making it more resilient.

Upgraded Water Ion Deep Hydration Technology*

The built-in condenser* condenses the moisture in the air and two needle-shaped motors rapidly atomize it into tiny negative water ions. Through a separate cold-air channel, these ions are delivered directly to the hair, scalp, and root, which protects your hair from being damaged by excessive temperatures while also hydrating it.

Helps You Create a Smoother, Shinier Blowout



Hair Elasticity+11.86%*

20m/s* Ultra-high Airflow Speed Dries Your Hair Quickly Without High Heat

Inspired by the principle of aviation engines, Xiaomi Water Ionic Hair Dryer H500 is equipped with a DC high-speed motor with speed of 20,000 rpm and seven wing-shaped turbine blades, which generate airflow through squeezing the air out of a conical pressurized air duct. The highest airflow speed is 20m/s, allowing strong airflow to reach the root and dry your hair swiftly without any damage.

Smart Hot/Cold Air Alternating Mode to Prevent Hair Damage

The glass bead thermal sensor can accurately detect the air outlet temperature 60 times per second*, and adjust the airflow temperature in real time to avoid overheating your hair and scalp. Its hot/cold air alternating mode - hot air for quick drying, cold air for styling - not only protects the hair surface from getting scorched or damaged, but also moisturizes the ends and offers enough care for the sensitive scalp.

Multiple Overheat ProtectionKeeps You Safe

When NTC detects that the air temperature is too high, it stops heating; the high-precision temperature control module will automatically cut off the power in the event of excessively high temperatures; fuse protection will be triggered when the temperature exceeds the safe range to ensure safety.

Name Xiaomi Water Ionic Hair Dryer H500

Model CMJ03LX

Rated Voltage 220V~

Rated Frequency 50-60Hz

Rated Power 1800W

Power Cord Length 1.7m

Net Weight 595g (including Concentrator Nozzle)

Dimensions 144 × 79 × 237mm (including Concentrator Nozzle)

Package contents Hair Dryer ×1 Magnetic Nozzle ×1 User Manual ×1

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