German Pool JET-920 Foldable Jet Steamer

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Color: White

  • Patented jet steaming technology
  • Brand new electronic control for precise temperature
  • Foldable space-saving design
  • 3 levels of steaming baskets
  • 2.1 L external water tank
  • Easy to dismantle and install

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The patented jet steaming technology allows high-temperature steam to be ejected within 30 seconds. Heat is distributed evenly inside the Steamer, facilitating fast and thorough cooking.
Cooking with the Foldable Jet Steamer is 50% faster than traditional steam cooking methods. It effectively reduces the loss of nutrients while retaining the original flavour of food.
18.8 L Extra-Large Capacity
The two levels of steaming baskets allows steaming of multiple dishes at the same time. Remove the rack to achieve an extra-large 18.8 L capacity. Handling bulky ingredients such as whole chicken is no longer a difficult task! The relatively small volume of each level of steaming basket also brings about efficient steam cooking.
Foldable Space-Saving Design
Expand the unit to acquire a large-capacity steamer. Fold it up after use for easy storage.
2.1 L External Water Tank
The water tank allows you to steam-cook continuously for up to 1 hour without adding any water. You can also fill water into the tank anytime during the cooking process, hence extending the steam-cooking time to 2 hours. The detachable design makes it convenient to pour away the condensate, keeping everything hygienic.

Micropipette Dripping Technology
Every drop of water is well used for heat generation. Thermal efficiency is increased.

Aerospace Aluminium Heating Element
Made of aerospace aluminium, the heating element is durable and transfers heat effectively.

Heat-Resistant Material
The heat-resistant material ensures cooking safety.

Quality Stainless-Steel Drip Tray
Made of high-quality stainless steel, the drip tray is solid and durable.
Extra-Safe Steam Sterilization
Eliminating germs and virus with high-temperature steam, the Foldable Jet Steamer is suitable for sterilizing water bottles, cups and towels. Clean and without leaving any residues, the Steamer enables you to sterilize your household items at ease!
  • Anti-Dry Burning Protection
  • Temperature-Control Protection
  • Time Delayed Overcurrent Protection

Power Cord Storage
The power cord storage device keeps everything neat and tidy by having the power cord rolled into the compartment.

Transparent Square Lid
Made of transparent material, the lid convenient to observe the cooking process. The detachable design makes it extra easy to put plates into and take them out of the Steamer

The cooking process can be activated with a simple switch. The operation is simple and straight-forward.

Jet-Steaming Device
The 30-second ultra-fast steam ejection distributes heat quickly and evenly.

HK Distributor provided 1-year warranty services.

Service Centre: 10/F, Kowloon Godown, 1-3 Kai Hing Road, Kowloon Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong

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