Exideal EX-280 LED Beauty Therapy (White)

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Color: White

  • Unique high-power illumination optics
  • Firmness, skin brightening, moisturization, reduce oil secretion of
  • T-zone Reduces skin wrinkles and tightens pores
  • 280 high brightness LED

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Exideal EX-280 features high-brightness LEDs, unique high-power illumination optics, pulsed-wave, and the ability to drive the LEDs to maximum performance, making it easy, effective, and convenient for daily use. EX-280 is equipped with four types of LEDs: blue, yellow, red and infrared. It also features a multi-variable LED light source program that combines four different LED wavelengths to effectively penetrate into different skin tissues for firmness, skin brightening, moisturization, reduce oil secretion of T-zone, reduces skin wrinkles and tightens pores, etc. Exideal even thoughtfully designs specific patterns that change with the weather of the season, regardless of summer oil secretion; dry skin in winter, allowing users to choose the treatment program base on the season.

Choose one of the 10 available modes depending on your skin condition on the day
Mode ① and ② reduce fine lines and elasticity of the skin

Mode ③ and ④ treat adolescent skin problem care (Acne care)
Mode ⑤ and ⑥ hydrate skin and improve skin texture
Mode ⑦ for skin brightening, freckles removal
Mode ⑧ suitable for combination skin, where T-zone (forehead and nose) has excessive oil secretion
Mode ⑨ is a combination of different modes for Autumn and Winter
Mode ⑩ is a combination of different modes for Spring and Summer

Easy Use
Only use power button and START button for everyday use. It chooses a treatment program for specific use.There are not so many buttons (4 buttons) and it is easy for everyone to use. The sound effects help guide you.

Contactless Beauty Device
Treatment is possible without contacting the skin. Contactless treatment dramatically lowers stress on the skin. Also, irradiation does not transfer bacteria like touching.

LED for High Brightness Light
The 280 of 4 wavelength LED for high brightness light is designed for wide-range irradiation home use.Ability of this beauty device is similar to a beauty clinic device for home use.

Maximum LED Output Driver 15W
Outstanding LED output driver for home use.

Our original optical design
Our original optical design consists of the installed LED and a mirror panel with a finished mirror surface of dermis interflection. This optical design makes photo-treatment more effective and increases the irradiation rate 120% and 130%.

No stress with hands-free device
You can relax and take care of your skin with this hands-free device. Also, more effectively massages your face during irradiation

4 wavelength high power and Large-Face-One Design beauty device.
It is the World's First large size device to irradiate your entire face. (Just face size)It covers your entire face and is a very efficient and effective treatment.It possesses a large size design so you can perform a photo-treatment on all of your body parts.This beauty device is hands-free and easily treats out of reach your back .Just Face Size also contains "T-zone treatment."

“Oily T-Zone” Care—Support-Program (P08)
T-Zone is independently controlled so you can treat your entire body and provide T-Zone care at the same time.
●“T-zone” care-support-program's number is “P08.

MY Memory Function
The machine system memorizes the most recent program (function) used.It displays the previous program (timer) for the next session. You can also make your own original program.Also, the MY memory function memorizes the program forever, even if you remove the adaptor.* Maximum 30 minutes

Wake Up Mode
This function irradiates close to natural light. The timer can be set to use high-drive-output and wide-range irradiation to help you recognize morning light.The morning lights helps to establish routines (like going to bed and waking up early).

  • Power Supply Type Accessory :Dedicated Adapter
  • Rated Input Power(Power Source): DC24V 1A
  • Power Dissipation :20W (Maximum)
  • Standby Power Consumption: Under 3W
  • LED Output Drive: 15W (Maximum)
  • LED Output Wavelength :420~970nm
  • Weight: 1.66Kg
  • Product Dimension: 206mm x 300mm x 30mm
  • Operating Temperature Range: /-5℃~+40℃
  • Storage Temperature Range: /-5℃~+45

HK Distributor provided 1-year warranty services.

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