antibac2K Magic Ball Air Purifier

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Color: Black

  • Antimicrobial efficiency
  • Malodour elimination
  • Aromatherapy
  • Reduces PM2.5
  • Effectively removes peculiar smell
  • 99.9% removal rate of active bacteria in the air

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Overview Specification Review (0)

  • The validity of the antibac2K solution when mixed into the water is 48 hours.


  • It is normal when the mixture of water with antibac2K solution turn murky in a smoking room or heavy polluted indoor area. Please change to a new mixture of water with    antibac2K solution even when it is less than 48 hours.


  • Regarding the usage amount of antibac2K solution with maximum water level, Pearly Pastel Magic Ball  covers an indoor space around 40-50 square meters (500ml water with 5ml to 15ml antibac2K solution). If the space is less than 40-50 square meters and if you find the aromatherapy fragrance too strong, we suggest using the non-fragrance antibac2K solution.


  • Whilst Pearly Pastel Magic Ball has an automatic safety shut-off function, in order to maintain optimum function, please turn off the power for at least 1 hour after 24 hours of continuous operation.


  • Please remember to top-up the water and antibac2K solution if the water reduces significantly during operation.


  • Dimension: D20cm × H20cm
  • Weight (approx.): 3.0kgs / 3.7kgs
  • Power Consumption: Input 220V AC50-60Hz / Output 24V AC20W
  • Coverage: 40-50 square meters
  • LED lights
  • Usage duration: continuously about 24 hours
  • Automatic Power-off function: about 30 hours (It has an automatic safety power-off function when you remove the top part of magic ball)
  • Standard accessories: Mat, Cleaning brush, solution measuring cup and a spare stirrer piece.


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