ReFaFine Bubble shower head - RFMB2307B

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  • Double your cleansing with two types of bubbles.
  • Embrace your whole body with warmth and comfort
  • Hydrates as it cleanses
  • Reduce water usage by up to 40%

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ReFaFine Bubble shower head - RFMB2307B

A revolutionary showerhead with two types of bubbles for even more beautiful skin. 
After analyzing the effects of water on the skin, ReFa has developed an entirely new kind of shower head. The ReFa FINE BUBBLE creates two types of bubbles to gently cleanse without causing any stress to the pores of the skin and scalp: ultrafine bubbles and microbubbles. By embracing the entire body with warmth and comfort as it cleanses, the ReFa FINE BUBBLE elevates bathing to a beautiful art form.

ReFaFine Bubble shower head - RFMB2307B

The science of ultrafine bubbles and microbubbles.
To prevent shower water from becoming an irritant to your skin and hair, ReFa applied breakthrough Japanese fine bubble technology to the design of this revolutionary showerhead. Far smaller than the bubbles we’re used to seeing when we bathe, ultrafine bubbles and microbubbles have a unique cleansing capability that transforms bathing into a luxurious beauty routine.

ReFaFine Bubble shower head - RFMB2307B

Ultrafine bubbles & Microbubbles gently cleanse your skin while embracing your body with warmth and comfort.
ReFa’s fine bubble technology enables this revolutionary showerhead to generate two varieties: ultrafine bubbles and microbubbles. Showering with ultrafine bubbles and microbubbles gently, comfortably and effectively removes dirt and grime from the pores of your skin and scalp. By filling your bathtub with ultrafine bubbles and microbubbles, you can embrace your body with the warmth and comfort of a silky-soft fine bubble bath. Enjoy the comfort and relaxation of an at-home spa experience brought to you by the science of bubbles.

  • Size:Approx. 84mm×244mm×136mm
  • Materials:ABS Resin, Polyacetal, Stainless Steel, Ethylene Propylene Rubber, Silicone Rubber
  • Weight:Approx. 340g
  • Grip screw type:G1/2
  • Country of manufacture:China

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