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The Story of TACS begins with Journey from Yoshiaki Motegi, a Japanese Gentleman, through his life-work, he muses for relaxing atmosphere to be natural from rush swift timing world. The idea of implication of surrounding elements started, de-assemble the design elements for surrounding lifestyle and re-assemble the elements into minimalized timepiece.

TACS approach clean, comfortable design which dissolved in any places especially in lifestyle atmosphere. Positive humor comes out from time timepiece TACS, which contains relaxing gentle peace. TACS respects the traditional design but also collaborating with surroundings. For instance, in the beginning of the season, may enjoy the fashion to matches with the footstep of spring coming, with our deign Little Drop. Every TACS design encloses warm feeling with combination of unique and simple blended perfectly without conflicts like lifestyle.

TACS approach to an idea of surrounding lifestyle which contains new discovery in limit-less passion of interests with graceful features. Some people say elegant or some people say friendly design. It takes a part of role to contribute to wide range of fashion lovers in worldwide. The word TACS is initialized from “Taste” “Attractive” “Creative” “sense”, which the words were most commonly like to hear about TACS design concept from watch professionals. Also there is TACS guideline for Design represent as “Unique is Simple, it is lifestyle.” It is one of new design idea of coming time piece trend.

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